KCC offers schools new energy efficiency program

The Kansas Corporation Commission is offering a free K-12 education program that teaches students about energy efficiency and could help schools reduce their energy costs.

The KCC announced the program as part of Kansas Energy Efficiency Day, which is Wednesday (Oct. 7).

The K-12 Benchmarking program offers teachers an all-inclusive energy efficiency curriculum that includes professional equipment and guidance from energy experts – all at no cost to the school. The curriculum meets Next Generation Science Standards and can be adapted for various grades.

Participating schools will form an energy team to benchmark and understand the school’s energy use. The next step is to conduct an energy efficiency treasure hunt using professional energy auditing equipment to look for ways to reduce energy loss and save money. Those findings lead to an energy efficiency campaign within the school followed by measuring cost reductions.

More information, including a video explaining the program, is available here. The KCC is collaborating with Kansas State University Engineering Extension to implement the program, which is funded by a U.S. Department of Energy grant.

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