Upcoming KASB Leadership workshops

Upcoming KASB Leadership Services workshops this week focus on school redesign aimed at improving student success and supervisor skills.

On Wed. Oct. 9 in Topeka, Drs. Brian Jordan and Doug Moeckel will conduct a workshop on redesigning schools to align with the state’s accreditation system. Jordan is deputy director of KASB and Moeckel is a leadership services field specialist. The Leading the Change Effort and Connecting to KESA workshop focuses on helping schools pursue continuous improvement. The Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) is the state’s K-12 accrediting model, and local boards of education play a critical role in KESA, from active participation in the process to approving resources to support district goals.

Becoming an Effective Supervisor: Director’s Workshop will be conducted on Thur. Oct. 10 in Topeka. A repeat of this workshop will be held Wed. Oct. 16 in Garden City.

The workshop focuses in depth on leadership, communication, hiring, evaluation and legal issues. Attendees will learn about building trust, conducting difficult conversations, hiring the best candidate and supervision. District and building-level supervisors and directors will gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively supervise and evaluate classified and support staff. These will be led by Gary Sechrist, KASB leadership services field specialist, and Luke Sobba, KASB attorney.

For more information on KASB workshops, go here.

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