Ask KASB focuses on school district cash balances

KASB’s Mark Tallman, associate executive director for advocacy, has taken a deep dive into school district cash balances in the latest video installment of “Ask KASB.”

Here is a link to the video; here is a link to the podcast and here is a link to Tallman’s blog on the issue.

Key takeaways from the research is that July 1 statewide cash balances dropped this year as a percent of school district expenditures; almost all of the increase in cash balances in 2018 was in restricted school district funds, not available for general operations; statewide July 1 cash balances are at levels experts say is appropriate for moderate financial risk; school district operating balance percentages are similar to the ending balances and internal borrowing for the State General Fund, approved by the Legislature and governor and school district cash balances vary significantly by month because of cash flow issues.


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