KASB School Board Member Profile: Sharon Mitchell, Spring Hill USD 230

Sharon Mitchell
Spring Hill USD 230

How long have you been a school board member? Five and one-half years.

Why did you decide to become a board member? I first decided to run for the Board of Education because there were no “moms” on the board. I wanted to lend the perspective of the involved parent, navigating the logistics of having kids in several schools within the district. I ran for re-election to continue to serve my community and represent their voice in shaping the future.

What do you do outside of being a board member? I work for the local Chamber of Commerce and support all things local. My husband and I spend lots of family time with our five children (two in college and three in high school), encouraging them to pursue their individual passions. We are very involved with our local church, enjoy traveling, and frequently host guests in our home.

What experience do you bring to the table that will improve your local school district? Having lived in the community for 22-plus years and more recently, working for the Chamber of Commerce, I bring strong connections within our community. I frequently advocate for Spring Hill at the county (Johnson and Miami) and state levels. My main strength is networking and bringing people together for the benefit of both parties.

Who was an adult you looked up to when you were growing up and why? I really looked up to my high school Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Hild. She was also the adviser to FHA and my church youth leader, for a time. She invested in me and always encouraged me to gain and use leadership skills.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Mrs. North was my favorite teacher. She taught kindergarten, first- and second-grade in our three-room rural school where I attended through eighth-grade. She was kind and encouraging but tough as nails when she needed to be. I remember her compassion when a kindergarten classmate lost her mother. Her desk always faced north which was really fun, although it did not help develop my sense of direction.

As a board member, what is the top goal you have this year? As a board, our main challenge and goal is to help our staff effectively manage the rapid growth of our district.

What is a saying or quote that you live by? The way you enter is the way you leave.

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