Deadline to apply for mail-in ballot approaches

The deadline to apply for an advance ballot by mail is today (Tue. Oct. 27).

For advance mail-in ballots to be counted, they must be postmarked on or before Election Day, Nov. 3 and be received by Fri. Nov. 6. To request a ballot, you can go to this link.

The number of people voting in advance by mail and in person is surpassing previous records, according to the Kansas Secretary of State’s office.

As of Friday, 494,698 ballots had been mailed, 188,279 returned and 105,724 ballots had been cast in person. At this point in the last presidential election year, 2016, 178,359 mail ballots had been sent, 65,752 returned and 87,851 ballots had been cast in person.


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