KASB School Board Member Profile: Kevin Cole, Labette County USD 506

Kevin Cole
Labette County USD 506

How long have you been a school board member? Three years and two years Vice President USD 506. I also serve as a three-year board member and two-year Vice President of the SEK Interlocal.

Why did you decide to become a board member? My wife, her mother and father are lifelong educators. I appreciated their commitment to impacting lives positively in their daily interactions. All educators change and mold the lives of the students they teach. Educators need advocates for the work they perform and I wanted to be a leader to bring value to their careers.

What do you do outside of being a board member? I am a Regional Sales Manager for Ozarks Coca-Cola Company, 23 years in management and operations. I am married with two children. Spending time with family, working cattle, landscaping, attending sports events take up the majority of spare time. I enjoy participating, leading policy and committee processes.

What experience do you bring to the table that will improve your local school district? Twenty-three years in a management role has allowed me to grow professionally. I have years of management, organization, fiscal management, conflict resolution training that I have been able to use to support administration. These skills has helped the board and administration impact the district positively.

As a board member, what is the top goal you have this year? Continue to add value to the district leadership, professionals and staff. To create a positive culture that all employees are engaged and have a sense of ownership in the position they hold. Create an environment of transparency for taxpayers and constituents.

Who was an adult you looked up to when you were growing up and why? My father-in-law. He taught science in middle school, was a positive influence for children regardless of background. The man changed lives for all the students he taught.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Mrs. Aikens. She taught me the value of hard work, believing in one’s self and that I could accomplish anything I set my goals on. She was extremely proud when I was elected as a board member in the district she was a principal.

What is a saying or quote that you live by? “You can’t change your designation overnight, but you can change direction.” Believe in a cause that is bigger than your own.

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