KASB Legislative Committee sends policies to Delegate Assembly

KASB’s Legislative Committee met Saturday to approve the proposed 2019 resolutions and policies that will guide the organization’s advocacy efforts in Topeka and Washington, D.C. The Delegate Assembly will vote on the policies on Sun. Dec. 2, the final day of KASB’s 101st Annal Convention in Overland Park. Here is a link to the report.

The “One Year State Resolutions” and “Priority Federal Issues” represent positions on current or shorter-term issues that may be addressed or resolved in 2019. The state and federal permanent policies reflect KASB’s long-term policy goals and objectives.

Proposed changes from last year’s resolutions are shown in red underlined italics. The Legislative Committee, which is comprised of representatives of KASB’s 10 geographic regions and the state’s five largest school districts, has also made some changes in the order and format of the state issues resolution.

The committee has also proposed some changes in order and format of the priority federal issues resolution, but only one substantive change is proposed: supporting changes in federal student aid programs to allow assistance for high school students in postsecondary programs.

The committee proposes some “clean-up” changes in the permanent policies beginning on Page 4. Most of these are to remove references to a “new” school finance formula now that the Legislature has adopted a system that has been upheld by the Kansas Supreme Court, but they do not change KASB’s positions. There a few other minor changes proposed in other policy areas.

Finally, the report includes approved Delegate Assembly rules, beginning on Page 11. Please note that Rule 11 requires that any amendments to the committee report be submitted 48 hours in advance, or by 9 a.m. Fri. Nov. 30, for the Delegate Assembly on Dec. 2. The purpose is to allow the proposed amendment to be shared electronically in advance. Any amendment submitted after this deadline requires a two-thirds vote of the Delegate Assembly to suspend this rule.

Please contact Mark Tallman, Rob Gilligan or Leah Fliter if you have questions about the report or need assistance drafting a proposed amendment.

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