Dyslexia Task Force to have special meeting Friday

The Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia will hold a special meeting Friday afternoon at the KASB office in Topeka to offer the members an opportunity to hear from Dr. Jack M. Fletcher, Ph.D. a well-regarded expert on learning disabilities and dyslexia. 

Fletcher will be in Topeka at an earlier event to present on his research to a sold-out audience of education professionals from throughout the state hosted by USA-Kansas.   

Dyslexia Task Force Chairman Jim Porter was able to schedule some additional time with Fletcher to take advantage of his expertise while in town by asking him to provide the Task Force feedback on their draft recommendations. 

The Task Force meeting, which starts at 2 p.m., is open to the public in person or you can follow along online via Zoom.  Anyone wishing to remotely participate in the committee meeting on Friday can use the link below to connect. This is an audio and video connection. KASB will start the feed at 2 p.m. or shortly thereafter, but others can connect prior.   


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