KASB Legislative Committee finalizes draft report

The KASB Legislative Committee has approved its draft recommendations on legislative policy provisions. 

The proposals will now go to the Delegate Assembly for a vote on Sunday, Dec. 8 during the KASB Annual Conference in Wichita. Once approved by the Delegate Assembly, the report will guide KASB on issues that arise before the Kansas Legislature and on the federal level.  

Here is a link to the draft document. Proposed changes from last year’s resolutions are shown in red. 

The draft report includes additional statements on the education of immigrant students, vaping, bullying, Medicaid, federal special education funding and teacher recruitment and retention. 

After several hours of discussion on bullying, the committee adopted a provision that says bullying is unacceptable, all students should be protected and local districts should have the flexibility to address the issue in the best manner that they determine.  

Proposed amendments to the Legislative Committee report must be electronically presented to the Committee at least 48 hours prior to the Delegate Assembly. An amendment offered after the deadline requires a two-thirds vote for consideration on the delegate floor.   

The Legislative Committee is composed of representatives of KASB’s 10 geographic regions and the state’s largest five school districts. 

KASB members can provide input or ask questions about the report by contacting Leah Fliter, KASB Advocacy and Outreach Specialist, at lfliter@kasb.org; KASB Governmental Relations Specialist Rob Gilligan at rgilligan@kasb.org or KASB Associate Executive Director Advocacy and Communications Mark Tallman at mtallman@kasb.org. 

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