Board leaders discuss challenges and opportunities during KASB Coffee Chats

School board members on Thursday said districts are working hard to find replacement teachers, bus drivers and other staff as COVID-19 quarantines have impacted personnel.

The comments were made during KASB Board of Education Leadership Coffee Chats that were held in various regions across the state via zoom.

Board members from rural districts gave examples of superintendents and principals filling in as teachers, bus drivers, and kitchen staff as quarantines have taken effect. It has also been difficult to find substitute teachers in some districts, board members said.

The pandemic has produced numerous challenges as many districts switch from between in-person to hybrid and remote learning based on spread of the virus. Even so, board members said their districts are remaining focused on academics and the social and emotional care of students.

Some board members noted that the pandemic has helped districts become more adept at providing online services and instruction and that the board online meetings have resulted in an increase in parent and staff participation, which has improved community engagement. Board members, many of whom are also local business leaders, said they also are working in their communities to encourage Kansans take the necessary precautions to help reduce the spread of the pandemic.

The Leadership Coffee Chats are monthly dialogues with board presidents and vice presidents grouped by KASB regions and hosted by KASB regional vice presidents and a KASB Leadership Services team member

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