Board members encourage fellow board members to attend Poverty Simulation workshop Dec. 6 in Wichita

A unique opportunity to gain insight into the social and economic challenges faced by today’s students is coming up Dec. 6.  

The Poverty Paradigm Experience is a half-day afternoon workshop during the KASB Annual Conference pre-conference sessions at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Wichita. The workshop is included in the KASB Season Pass, which means registration is unlimited for board members and district leaders of season pass holders. Participants can also register just for the workshop or register for the full day and attend other pre-conference sessions in the morning. The Poverty Simulation runs from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. 

Three Kansas board of education members recently commented on their experiences during similar workshops. 

“Participating in the Poverty Simulation gave me a better grasp of the issues our students face within our systems and created an understanding of the obstacles and challenges in day to day life in and out of school,” said TinaRae Scott, Council Grove USD 417 board member. “The simulation helps you gain empathy for the barriers created by social and economic status and will unleash a drive to create better opportunities and more options for all involved. 

 Basehor-Linwood USD 458 Board Member Dayna Miller labeled the experience unforgettable. The poverty simulation was very striking. I had no idea what it was to begin with. When I was finished, I was given only a glimpse of what our students, parents, and community members go through. It was an experience I am glad I went through  and one I will never forget,” she said. 

KASB’s Poverty Paradigm Experience is an intensive, half-day simulated journey through the tangle of housing, utilities, food, transportation, school, mental health, social services and work the children or parents in poverty experience every day.  

Each participant role-plays a person experiencing survival mode for one month, simulated in four weeks of fifteen minutes each. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of facilities in poverty and how schools can better support and create change for low SES students. This pre-conference session is moderated by ESSDACK’s Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz. 

Frank Henderson, Jr., Seaman USD 345 board member, encourages all board members to participate. 

This session is a must for board members to experience a firsthand look at the struggles and frustrations our students live every day.  This workshop will cause you to examine your policies and practices that may not take many factors of our students into account,” Henderson said. 

All three board members said the experience inspired them to do more to address the issues in their home district.  

“You will be moved and challenged to make a difference,” Henderson said. 

Click here to register for the session.

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