New videos explain running for school board

The June 3 filing deadline to run for school boards is quickly approaching, and KASB offers a wealth of resources for prospective candidates. 

Assistant Executive Director for Leadership Services Brian Jordan and Advocacy and Outreach Specialist Leah Fliter, who serves on the Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Board of Education, have recorded a new video that delves into the rights and responsibilities of school boards, tips for being an effective and astute board member, and how KASB supports Kansas school boards. Fliter also gives prospective candidates advice on how and where to file and getting your name out. 

KASB’s School Board Elections Guide is available for download on our website. The four-color publication reviews what it takes to be a school board member (hint: vision, advocacy and teamwork for starters) and advice from members of KASB’s Board of Directors, each of whom serves on their local Board of Education. 

Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Communications Carol Pitts offers tips for current board members on recruiting new colleagues in this story on the website and in the May issue of KASB’s School Board Review. Pitts says helping potential board members understand the roles, responsibilities and strategic direction of the district can help them make the important decision on whether to run. 

Finally, KASB Attorneys Donna Whiteman and Sam Blasi recently reviewed current law and the process for 2019 school board elections. The video is posted here. 

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