KASB regional vice-president nominations sought

Each year there are members of the KASB Board of Directors up for election or re-election due to completing a three-year team or an appointment to that position. The KASB Constitution provides for a three-member Regional Nominating Committee convened in the region where an election is to take place. Each committee’s responsibility is to provide the Association with the names of board members interested in serving in this position.

Regional Vice-President Elections will be held for KASB Regions 4, 5, 6, and 10 on Sun-day, December, 8, 2019 during the annual Delegate Assembly.

Any interested current school board member whose organization is a member of KASB should contact a member of their Regional Nominating Committee (see kasb.org/board-regions for names and contact information) to submit their name as a candidate for that Regional Vice President’s position.  These nominations are due by November 26, 2019.

Regional vice-presidents serve a three-year term as members of the KASB Board of Directors. Members are eligible to serve two consecutive terms on the board. The Board meets five times a year at the KASB office in Topeka.

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