Workers Compensation Insurance

KASB Workers Compensation Insurance provides affordable coverage you can count on.

  • A fiscally strong, self-funded pool in place since 1987.
  • All operations - from service to renewal to claims administration -supported by the KASB Risk Management office located in Topeka, Kansas.
  • Workplace safety consultant provides onsite training, support and guidance.
  • Web-based learning management developed for KASB Work Comp members provides and tracks required workplace safety training for employees.
  • Annual onsite safety reviews.
  • Monthly claims and usage reports.
  • Access to specialized Work Comp Fund legal team.

A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

The KASB Workers Compensation fund is a wholly owned subsidiary of KASB. The KASB Workers Compensation Pool was established in 1987 to provide KASB members with affordable, reliable insurance. All claims and investigations are done in-house and issues can be addressed directly. All service renewals and decisions are handled locally.

Coverage is available for KASB members even when insurance may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

  • The Pool has never canceled or not provided a bid to a KASB member.
  • The Pool is administered by KASB Risk Management and is only available to KASB members.

Employee Training for Cost Containment and Loss Control

The KASB Work Comp Fund uses an online learning management system for members of the work comp pool to train employees on preventing on-the-job injuries and reduce the number of work comp claims.

KASB Risk Management staff
have the expertise necessary
to help you navigate
through claims and focus
on getting employees
back to work.

 Exceptional Service and Support
-Onsite visits
-Monthly newsletter
-Loss runs and consultation
-Staff employed by KASB Risk Management, your professional association.


Paul Bruggeman
Golden Plains USD 316
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Vice Chairman:

Denise M. Titus
Galena USD 499
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Royce Becker
Vermilion USD 380
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Mike Bultena
Sublette USD 374
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Mike Carney
Leavenworth USD 453
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Paul Kendall
Kiowa County USD 422
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Mike Munson
Arkansas City USD 470
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Steve Russell
Turner USD 202
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Wes Sherman
La Crosse USD 395
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Tracy Springer
Jayhawk USD 346
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George Stover
Lyons USD 405
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