KASB Leadership Academy gives awards

By Carol Pitts, cpitts@kasb.org

Three Kansas boards of education have earned top honors in the 2018 KASB Leadership Academy, and a total of 629 individual Level 1 or Level 2 certificates were awarded for participation in training. The awards were announced recently by the Kansas Association of School Boards.

“This recognition highlights the great commitment all of our board members and administrators exhibit to the improvement of student success in Kansas,” said Dr. John Heim, KASB executive director.

School board members and administrators receive points for attending workshops and seminars sponsored by the Association. Points are also earned through activities such as whole board training and Leadership for Tomorrow participation. Level 1 Certificates are presented to those who earn at least 25 points, and Level 2 Certificates are given to those who earn 75 points or more. The Whole Board Award is given when all of the organization’s board members earn at least 25 points individually.

Olathe USD 233, North Lyon County USD 251 and Seaman USD 345 boards of education were awarded KASB Leadership Academy Whole Board Recognition based on participation in training by all board members during the past year.

A total of 629 individual board members, superintendents and board clerks received recognition. In the Level 1 Category, 354 board of education members, 106 superintendents and 23 board clerks received a certificate. In the Level 2 Category, 82 board members and 64 superintendents qualified for Level 2 recognition.

The top individual point earners were Tom Brungardt, Geary County USD 475, Shannon Kimball, Lawrence USD 497 School Board Member, Karl McNorton, Seaman USD 345 School Board Member, Norman Wilks, El Dorado USD 490 Board Member, and Dayna Miller, Basehor-Linwood USD 458.

Certificates were mailed to the member’s district in early January. Names of all award winners can be seen at kasb.org/leadershipawards


Whole Board Recognition

Olathe USD 233 – Board of Education Members Joe Beveridge, LeEtta Felter, Brian Geary, Amy Martin, Brent McCune, Rick Schier and Shannon Wickliffe.

North Lyon County USD 251 – Board of Education Members Angela Anderson, Tim Burton, David Goldsmith, Matthew Horton, Wendy Linsey, Mitchell Maxfield and Tammie Reed.

Seaman USD 345 – Board of Education Members James Adams, Christie Appelhanz, Keith Griffin, Frank Henderson, Karl McNorton, Fred Patton and Cherie Sage

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