KASB building undergoing renovations

Like many Kansas school buildings, KASB headquarters in Topeka had aged into needing major renovations.

So, starting at the end of May, workers invaded the building to turn back 32 years of deferred maintenance.

“It’s a complete retrofit,” said Randy Weseman, KASB’s assistant executive director for operations and leadership services.

In addition to home base for KASB staff, the nearly 39,000-square foot facility houses several other tenants and is frequently used by school officials and organizations from across the state for meetings and events.

“Our building is extensively used by our member districts and we want to make sure that at our trainings and meetings we have a comfortable and efficient facility,” Weseman said.

P1 Group, one of KASB’s preferred partners, is the general contractor and several other companies are handling different parts of the project.

The most urgent change is getting a new boiler, Weseman said. Of the old boiler, he said, “It’s been nickel and diming us for years.”

The improvements also include replacing the HVAC system, putting on a new roof, upgrading restrooms, adding all LED lighting, and improving security systems. The building will be much more energy efficient after the changes, Weseman said.

Weseman, a former school superintendent, said KASB planned the improvements much like a school district would. “We kept our board informed and have been planning this for a number of years,” he said.

Events and meetings are still able to be held but KASB staff have been moved around or are working from home.

Some staff will be inconvenienced, but not for long Weseman said, adding the project should be finished in August.

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