SBR: Lights, camera, leadership. Videos provide school boards with information in short segments

By Scott Rothschild,

In today’s world, if a problem arises, there’s probably a how-to video somewhere on how to fix it.

For school board members confronting thorny issues or simply trying to stay focused on the task at hand, look no further than a series of short videos produced by KASB Leadership Services.

The Leadership Services team, which has more than 150 years of experience in public education, has put together videos covering common topics facing boards, such as how to handle the phone call from an irate parent; how to work better as a team and how to conduct a public forum.

These and other issues are addressed in the approximately five-minute long videos. Members will find them at

“The reason we chose these topics is that we get a lot of emails and phone calls about them,” said Brian Jordan, assistant executive director of Leadership Services. “People can watch this on their own time and share with their board,” Jordan said.

He said the videos can also be used to prompt more discussion and possibly board work sessions in which Leadership Services can assist boards to further customize their development.

Jordan said Leadership Services will be producing more videos and is working with KASB Legal Services for videos that will cover the many legal issues that boards face.

“They’re fun to do,” Jordan said of the videos.

So far, Leadership Services has videos on these topics:

  • The role of the superintendent and the board, “Seven Powers of School Boards.”
  • Relationships that commonly occur in governing a school district, “Governance Model.”
  • The importance of communication, “Handling Patron Concerns.”
  • Effective board meetings, “Nine Questions About the Board’s Focus and Public Forums.”

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