Threat-assessment school safety sessions will be offered next week by KASB

KASB will conduct three sessions next week on school safety that incorporates threat assessments, which is a strategy gaining use in schools across the nation.

The meetings, entitled “What Every Board Member Should Know About Safe and Secure Schools,” will be held Tuesday at McPherson; Wednesday, Colby and Thursday, Olathe. To register, go here.

Randy Weseman, assistant executive director for operations and leadership services at KASB, will provide up-to-date research on threat assessments and why schools should focus on opening lines of communication and trust between schools, law enforcement, staff, students and parents.

The workshops will cover the escalating cost of security; technical and adaptive challenges of school safety; research-based models of threat assessment; a legal and legislative update; developing security plans and more.

Threat assessments are used to make sure serious threats are stopped while less serious ones are dealt with in a number of other ways, such as checking on the student’s mental health or providing academic supports.

On Oct. 28, KASB will host a threat assessment team training based on the Virginia Student Threat Assessment guidelines, which is an evidence-based model of school threat assessment that is being used by many schools.

Presenters for the Sept. 10, 11 and 12 workshops will be (left to right) Randy Weseman, KASB Assistant Executive Director Leadership Services/KASB CFO; Sam Blasi, KASB Staff Attorney; and Marcia Weseman, KASB Leadership Services Consultant.

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