Registration & Onsite Registration

December 2, 2018 | 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. | Cottonwood Ballroom, Sheraton

Come hear Topeka USD 501's  Highland Park High School Choir and the Topeka High School Drumline perform!

December 2, 2018 | 10:30 a.m. - Noon | Cottonwood Ballroom, Sheraton

The KASB Delegate Assembly will begin with elections for President-Elect Designee. There will be a discussion and vote on proposed legislative resolutions and changes to KASB policies that provide the basis for the association’s lobbying efforts during the 2019 Legislative Session.

Check back on Monday, November 5 for a Legislative Committee Report.

2018 Conference Breakout Session

For more information, including presentation times and room location visit the KASB mobile site at

Powering Up: Designing Purposeful Student Leadership

Creating a positive, productive and focused student leadership environment through developing essential leadership skills in students and student groups. Students learn and apply leadership theories to produce positive impacts in school and community. Increase student involvement, inclusivity and empowerment through intentional leadership training and diverse learning experiences in the school community. Connects to KESA area of Relationships: student involvement and empowerment.

Brad Kempf, Principal - West Middle School, Lawrence USD 497

Student Lead - Business and Industry Partnerships

USD 273 - Beloit's student lead curriculum and how Beloit students have partnered with Business and Industry to make this happen.  The session will show how USD 273 has partnered with the Trane Corporation and local businesses to make differences in the students' engagement as they look at their career paths.

Jeff Travis, Superintendent
Cris Adams , Elementary STEM/Summer Enrichment Director
Stephanie Litton, Junior High Counselor/Summer Enrichment Instructor
Beloit USD 273
Beloit USD 273 Students

Keven Ward, Public Sector Consultant, Trane Corporation

Learning Through Internships and Networking with Community Stakeholders (L.I.N.C.S)

Goal of LINCS Program: Academic preparation which surpasses the expectations within career and college settings. Business and industry partnerships engaging students in skills necessary to thrive in the work environment. Together, Labette County High School will provide opportunities that inform students about opportunities in business, inspire students to do great things, and ignite students through expert witness.

Misty Burke, Career Advocate
John Wyrick, Superintendent
Shane Holtzman, Principal, Labette County High School
Stacy Smith, College and Career Instructor; Labette County High School
Labette County USD 506

Policies that Support Transgender Students in Public Schools

Transgender students are some of our most vulnerable students, with high rates of suicide, bullying, and discrimination. How can districts help these students thrive? Peg McCarthy, PhD, a clinical psychologist and longtime USD 501 school board member, will explain her district's policy and regulation and cite anecdotal evidence from her extensive experience working with transgender youth.

Peg McCarthy, Ph.D., Licensed psychologist and school board member
Topeka USD 501

Comply with Workplace Laws & Save Money: Innovative Solutions to Support Breastfeeding Faculty & Staff

Hear from a panel of school districts who have successfully implemented a district-wide policy to support their breastfeeding employees.  Learn how their simple, proactive approach to supporting breastfeeding staff is paying big rewards through increased retention and recruitment and lower absenteeism while complying with the federal laws on this issue.  Receive practical tools to move your district from an informal “…when she asks…” approach to a clear, consistently communicated district-wide program to accommodate breastfeeding employees.

Sue Givens, Superintendent, El Dorado USD 490
Dennis Peerenboom, Director of Human Resources, Seaman USD 345
Denise Johnson, District Wellness Coordinator, Lawrence USD 497
Dr. Stacy Yeager, Board of Education Member & KBC Executive Director
Kansas City USD 500 & Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

Brenda Bandy (moderator)

Introduction to Human Resources in School Districts

Are you new to school business?  Do you have newly assigned HR responsibilities? Do you just want to know more about HR in school districts?  Come join me for a comedic approach to learning the basics about many areas of Human Resources, including interviewing, onboarding, insurance, unemployment, worker's compensation, federal laws, payroll, handbooks, and more! I'll turn a boring topic into a tolerable topic!

Kati Wolfgang, Director of Human Resources, Wamego USD 320

Recruitment and Retention: Dealing with the Challenges Ahead

Recruitment and retention continues to be a major concern for Kansas schools.  Applicant pools are shrinking and retention is becoming more difficult. Student success is directly linked to quality teaching, so I have developed a recruitment and retention analysis focused on interviews, professional development, and recommendations specific to the uniqueness of each school district. Join us to look at this issue from a variety of perspectives, and discuss its potential impact.

Dr. Bret Church, Consultant, Smoky Hill Service Center
Bill Day, Superintendent, Lyons USD 405

Investigating Alternative Fuels and Storage for Our School Community

This project gives middle school students an opportunity to engage in some action research based on their study of alternative fuels and make an impact on their local community.  As the Derby Middle School Recycling Club and Pre-Engineering classes investigate alternative fuel sources, they are implementing an action research project to examine the benefits of electric or compressed natural gas (CNG) buses as a bridge fuel source to a better solution.  Currently, Derby utilize over forty diesel buses to cover the 53 square miles of district routes each school day. This study includes a review of the potential cost savings to the district as well as the reduction in harmful emissions. It will also examine what other government entities have experienced. With the results of the study, Derby will share our research with district personnel with the intention that an appropriate plan can be implemented that brings savings to the district.

David Brown
Melanie Wood
Derby Middle School, Derby USD 260

MTSS for Social-Emotional Skills

Improve students' social-emotional skills, attitudes about self and others, connection to school, and positive social behavior; and reduce conduct problems and office referrals by providing multi-tiered levels of support.  Students social-emotional needs are changing, shouldn't schools be changing to meet them?

Meagan Etheridge, Building Administrator/Behavior Specialist
South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative - Haskins Learning Center

The ABCs of EEPs (Effective Educational Practices): Results from Kansas

During the ESEA Flexibility Waiver, KSDE provided technical assistance for the lower-performing Title I Schools using the Turnaround Principles.  Also during that time, higher-performing Reward schools were given recognition. Using the positive model of Appreciative Inquiry, participating Reward schools revealed effective educational practices that continue to support student success.  The results of this 2018 Kansas Dissertation study will explore what we are doing right and the practices we should consider to make our schools stronger.

Dr. Chelle Kemper, Assistant Director of Special Education, 613/ SKACD

Watt's Up, Baldwin City

Come hear how students in Baldwin City are joining in an interdisciplinary citizen science project where the students will be our research experts, analyzing data from around their school, our district, and people in our community using energy consumption data collected from wattmeters. The project will compare energy usage to determine which types of devices use the most energy and whether some products are more efficient than others. Students will use their results to create materials to be shared at our public library and with stakeholders from our city commission and chamber of commerce. Effective communication of our findings will require students to use content and skills addressing standards in math, science, and English language arts.

Dr. Jana Hare, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Baldwin Intermediate Center, Baldwin City USD 348

Google Classroom--What is it? How does it work?

Between 2012 and now Google Classroom has gone from an interesting possibility to a functional classroom set of tools.  Within Google Classroom teachers/students can share resources, make class announcements, simplify the turn in process,  increase classroom collaboration, organize assignments with due dates, create multiple stage projects, and the list goes on and on.
Google Classroom is free for schools and teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Dan Brungardt, Superintendent, Bonner Springs/Edwardsville USD 204

Innovation in the Classroom

The presenters will present innovative strategies to engage students in science , technology, engineering and math in elementary and secondary classrooms.  Topeka Public Schools, an innovator with Steam schools and STEAM teachers, leads an extensive Innovation Academy training program to inspire teachers and to model effective practices.   Participants will learn ways to infuse technology standards in daily instruction and they will experience a demonstration showing how to teach students to code robots.

Scott Gowan, Chief Information Officer
Gail Ramirez, Curriculum Technology Integration Specialist
Travis True, Curriculum Technology Integration Specialist
Topeka USD 501

School Safety Team

Michele Jones, Director of Communications and School Safety, Manhattan USD 383

Suicide Prevention: #ZeroReasonsWhy

School districts across Kansas are struggling to respond to a rising tide of student mental health issues, including suicide. The Johnson County school superintendents have launched a  joint, county-wide initiative that will include partnerships with mental health providers, parents, religious leaders and businesses. The initiative includes the social media campaign #ZeroReasonsWhy Join the superintendents and students for a panel discussion of what the initiative has accomplished thus far and their plans for the future.

Johnson Co Supts

Investing in School Safety

Over the last four decades USD 265 Goddard Public Schools has invested significantly in providing a safe learning environment for all students. These services have ranged from the development of the USD 265 School District Police Department in 1998, as a result of the only school shooting fatality in Kansas, to the passing of a bond election with over 70% voter approval in 2017 that will ensure adequate access to tornado safety areas and enhanced security features in all schools. Please join the USD 265 Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Henry, and staff as they provide examples and tell their story about the importance of investing in student safety in Goddard Public Schools.

Dr. Justin Henry, Superintendent, Goddard USD 265

Lego' Make Energy

Come hear how one district is expanding the STEM and science experience for girls in sixth to eighh grade as well as all students as part of the science curriculum. We will use Lego Education Simple and Powered Machines Kits with the Renewable Energy Extension. Students will reap the benefits of the renewable energy activities but will also be creating their own motorized simple machines/Rube Goldberg inventions.

Jessica Sadler, Oregon Trail Middle School, Olathe USD 233

Kansas State High School Activities Association Update

An overview and update on the KSHSAA.

Bill Faflick, Executive Director, KSHSAA

A Conversation with Kansas State Board of Education Members

Kansas State Board of Education members will be available for an informal conversation on the Kansans Can Vision as well as other topics or issues.

Jim Porter, Kansas State Board of Education Member

Family & Consumer Sciences: The Answer to Many of Your School's Questions!

Family & Consumer Sciences and FCCLA chapters have been instrumental statewide in helping school districts achieve the initiatives of the new Kansans Can vision. This session will highlight two active chapters and showcase how these programs can be the answer to some of your schools’ biggest problem areas – social, emotional, character development; community and civic engagement; youth leadership, and much more!

Janet Holden, FCS Teacher, Southeast High School, Cherokee USD 247
Gina Bergin, FCS Teacher, Mission Valley High School, Mission Valley USD 330

Interest Based Bargaining (I.B.B.): A Better Way to Negotiate with the Association

Haysville USD 261 has used Interest Based Bargaining for teacher negotiations for the past 17 years.  The results have been amazing!  Teachers, administrators, and board members work as a single team to solve problems together.  Our negotiations are usually settled in two meetings with both sides pleased with the results.

Dr. John Burke, Superintendent
Dr. Clint Schutte, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance
Susan Walston, School Board Vice President
Steve Crum, Teacher
Haysville USD 261

Your Bond Issued Passed—Now What?

From selecting land to moving into your new or renovated buildings, lessons learned will be shared.  If you are planning a bond issue in the near future, this session is for you.

Renae Hickert, Superintendent, Liberal USD 480

Myths and Facts about Referendums

Why do some districts pass bond and levies while others do not? A campaign is demanding and complicated and often information gets twisted, leaving patrons confused. Theses myths are communication strategies that seek to either amplify something about the proposal that isn't important to voters (even if it is to the school district) or diminish the impact of something major. We'll use a point-counterpoint style of discussing each myth to provide a winning formula.

Ken DeSieghardt, CEO, Patron Insight Inc.
Rick Nobles, President, Patron Insight Inc.
Carol Pitts, Assistant Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations, KASB

Setting Up for New Teacher Success

Setting up a classroom for optimal learning begins with the essential element of classroom organization.  Preparing a classroom for maximum efficiency is dependent on how the class is structured and how the students are taught to move within that structure.  Classroom management must be as intentionally planned as classroom instruction.  The tools that can make a new teacher as effective as an experienced one can and should be learned before the first day of school ever approaches.  Together, let’s explore a plan for success that can ease a new teacher’s fears about what to expect on the first day, week, month... and set them up for years of effective teaching.

Jerry Cress, Assistant Principal, Wichita USD 259

Going Beyond District Wall: Expanding Teacher Leaders through Collaborative, Comprehensive Mentor Training.

When teacher leaders have the opportunity to collaborate and learn high quality mentoring skills with other district teacher leaders they are able to enhance their experience and professional growth. In this sessions, teacher leaders from Goddard USD 265 and Winfield USD 465, along with Kansas Mentor and Induction Center (KMIC) representatives, will share how participating in KMIC develops their confidence in mentoring and gives them a passion for developing new teachers.

Dr. Sherry Goodvin, Director, Kansas Mentor & Induction Center
Jeff Hersh, Assistant Superintendent, Goddard USD 265
Mark Littell, Assistant Superintendent, Winfield USD 465
Sue Rippe, Consultant/Trainer, Kansas Mentor & Induction Center

Legislative Committee Report

Advocacy staff will review recommendations from the Legislative Committee that will be considered by the Delegate Assembly, with questions and discussion. The committee is expected to present new positions on federal issues and propose priority positions for the 2018 Legislature.

KASB Advocacy Staff

Sharing Facts About Public Education

KASB Advocacy and Communications Staff

Legislative Session Overview

KASB advocacy staff will report on anticipated hot topics for the 2019 Legislature, State Board of Education and federal government, including interim study committees, issues assigned for Legislative study, school finance developments and federal issues.

KASB Advocacy Staff

Safety, Security, and Crisis Planning

Tackling student health and safety concerns in the school setting is a daunting, yet essential task.  Join us for an overview of the state and federal law surrounding student safety initiatives, so you have a solid bedrock upon which to build your district’s safety, security, and crisis plans and/or policies.

Angie Stallbaumer, Senior Attorney, KASB

I Love You, I Love You, I Hate You Goodbye: Documentation, Timelines and Employee Separation Issues.

With continuous media and societal discussion of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, it is hard to know what behaviors fall into which category. This session provides an overview of the laws and policies related to bullying, harassment, and discrimination, as well as the legal responsibilities of the district in handling complaints and the legal liability involved with different interactions between employees, students and patrons.

Donna Whiteman, Assistant Executive Director of Legal Services/Attorney, KASB

The Legal Authority of Kansas School Boards: Board Meetings, Resolutions, Member Liability, Immunity, and Election Qualifications

While school board members do not receive a salary, there is some risk of legal liability associated with serving on an elected board when Kansas laws are not followed This presentation will discuss school board meetings and the board’s decision-making authority including what actions require official votes and resolutions. Kansas laws addressing board member’s legal immunity will be reviewed along with board member scenarios that generate the greatest risk of board and individual liability. Recent school board election changes will be reviewed along with how to handle board member vacancies.

Donna Whiteman, Assistant Executive Director of Legal Services/Attorney, KASB

Importance of Goals in Leading Your District

Cheese pizza vs pepperoni pizza. You have to make decisions. Take this opportunity to interact with your colleagues and strengthen your knowledge on the importance of goal setting.  Be a part of the conversation on how goal setting impacts all area's of the board's responsibility and plays a critical role in student success.

Craig Wilford, Field Service Specialist, KASB

A Whirlwind Tour of KASB's Research Services

In this session, KASB Chief Data Officer Ted Carter will give participants the 30,000 foot view of the services, data, and reports offered to members by KASB's Research Department.  Plenty of time will be made for questions and for walking through examples of how to use the resources provided.

Ted Carter, Chief Data Officer, KASB

How to Lie with Statistics:  Spotting Common Tricks Used to Mislead Information Consumers

In this session, KASB Chief Data Officer Ted Carter will review some of the most common ways statistics are misused deliberately to mislead the audience utilizing Darrell Huff's 1954 book "How to Lie with Statistics."

Ted Carter, Chief Data Officer, KASB

Dealing with Difficult Board Members

The work of the Board of Education is difficult and complex during the best of times. The work of the board is even more difficult when an individual board member becomes a barrier to district progress. This session will explore the processes and procedures that may be used to continue the good work of your board despite a difficult board member. This session is designed for board members and superintendents that wish to understand the complexities of working with difficult board members.

Gary Sechrist, Field Services Specialist, KASB

Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Other People Behaving Badly

With continuous media and societal discussion of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, it is hard to know what behaviors fall into which category. This session provides an overview of the laws and policies related to bullying, harassment, and discrimination, as well as the legal responsibilities of the district in handling complaints and the legal liability involved with different interactions between employees, students and patrons.

Ashley Rohleder, Attorney, KASB

Negotiation Opportunities and Roadblocks: Board Proposals for Student Achievement

Work on Professional Negotiations should begin before the notice letter deadline, and now is the perfect time to start. Boards should begin identifying issues for next year’s agreement early and refine their lists to bargain for the best interests of the district and its students. This breakout session reviews the deadlines and bargaining process, with suggestions about planning for and conducting successful negotiations. Satisfies the statutory annual training requirement for board negotiators.

Luke Sobba, Attorney, KASB
Sam Blasi, Attorney, KASB

The Good and Bad of Social Media

Social media is an essential communications tool. Social media causes nothing but trouble. Can both be true? We'll explore the upside and downside of social media, looking at the topic from two perspectives: legal/policy and public relations/communications.

Carol Pitts, Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations, KASB
Angie Stallbaumer, Senior Attorney, KASB

Strategically Leading Change

Why do people and communities resist change? Change is not an event or a thing instead it is about influencing people. To influence people you must challenge beliefs, modify behaviors and create the right culture. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the science behind leading change. They will also focus on how to create the right culture for leading change, through the use of key opinion leaders, and strategic communication.

Brian Jordan, Assistant Executive Director for Leadership Services, KASB

Regional Elections

10:00 a.m.
Cottonwood Ballroom - Sheraton

Elections for KASB Regional Vice Presidents in Regions 2, 3 and 7

December 1, 2018
Cottonwood Ballroom - Sheraton

8:15 a.m. This kick-off General Session features welcomes and addresses by

  • KASB President C. Patrick Woods
  • KASB Executive Director John  Heim
  • Nominating Committee Report. Once the Nominating Committee gives their report, Lori Blake, SE of Saline USD 306, will have nominating and seconding speeches provided in support of her nomination. Lori will also give a short speech.

Keynote Address:
8:45 a.m. (Time Approximate)

Garrison Wynn: Leadership Strategies for Educators: Embracing Change Starts at the Top

Wynn will focus on the difference between managing people and leading them to be responsible, empowered and confident contributors. People need to know their contribution to an institution’s success. It is the baseline of effective leadership and the key to productivity to inspire commitment to the mission and let staff know they are essential to the entire school’s success.

How can you instill a climate of ownership so that everyone feels accountable and responsible for success? How can you motivate your team to focus on the goal rather than themselves? How can you help create an organization where change and innovation are embraced with courage and respected as a tool to beat the competition?

Great leadership requires developing a shared vision that everyone can get behind. The result is a more productive and efficient workplace with superior morale that can rapidly overcome challenges in a competitive environment.

Wynn brings a research-driven, results-oriented approach to leadership strategies for change management

General Session
3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

This session starts with recognition of

  • Leadership for Tomorrow Graduates and
  • Westar STEM Recipients

Immediately following the recognitions attendees will hear from Kansas Education Commissioner Randy Watson.

Inspirational Keynote
December 2, 2018
Cottonwood Ballroom - Sheraton

8:00-9:00 a.m.

Wolves Can't Fly
Dan Meers (aka KC Wolf)

Dan Meers is a man whose energy, humor and excitement not only entertains but also encourages others to strive for the best of life. Dan has served as KC Wolf, the official mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs for over 25 years.

On November 23, 2013, Dan Meers came within inches of losing his life while practicing a bungee jump and zip line stunt at Arrowhead Stadium…home of the Kansas City Chiefs. What Dan anticipated being the thrill of a lifetime ended up being the spill of a lifetime. The stunt went terribly wrong and Dan plummeted 75 feet before crashing into the stadium seats.

Miraculously Dan survived. He spent nine days in the hospital and got some really big scars. Dan smiles when he says, “Scars are just Tattoos that come with a Cool Story.”

Dan is the author of the book “Wolves Can’t Fly” and during his powerful presentation Dan shares his incredible story and the important lessons that he has learned about leadership and about life.

2018 Conference Housing Changes

We are using a Housing Bureau system. There will be one website everyone will use to make reservations or be put on a waiting list (much like NSBA). The housing reservation system will open up on Monday, October 1 at 8 a.m. at You will see exact room availability at the Sheraton Overland Park Hotel as well as the three overflow hotels: The Hyatt Place, The Holiday Inn and the Courtyard by Marriott. We chose these hotels based on their proximity to the Sheraton and the Overland Park Convention Center as well as for their amenities and price.

Sleeping Room Cancellation Policy Change

The other change we wanted to let you know about is the cancellation policy for sleeping rooms. Many hotels, including the ones KASB uses for our conference headquarters and overflow hotels, have enhanced their reservation policies. This has caused KASB to adjust our policies as well in order to any avoid penalties and fees. These changes help ensure KASB meets its contractual obligations to the facilities and doesn’t incur any financial penalties.

Changes are as follows:

  • DEPOSIT: A deposit equal to one night's stay (including tax) is required to hold each guest’s reservation. Such deposit shall serve to confirm the reservation for the dates indicated, and upon check-in shall be applied to the first night of the reserved stay.
  • CANCELLATION AND REFUND OF DEPOSIT: These deposits are refundable if notice is received no later than October 22, 2018 and a cancellation number is obtained.
  • NAMES ON RESERVATIONS: Each reservation must be accompanied with the name for each room. There will be no multiple bookings under one name. All names are required at the time of booking. Name changes on guest room reservations will be accepted.

We are hopeful that the cancellation date of October 22 will allow those who were not originally in the conference headquarters or overflow hotels to have more time to make reservations in advance of the conference.


Go to THIS LINK to make your reservations! 

This is the only way to get reservations in the Conference Block.

Online Registration (click below)

KASB Conference 

KASB Pre-Conference Workshops

Onsite Conference and Voting Delegate Registration

Please stop by at one of these times to pick up your
conference registration packet and name badge.

Friday, November 30 | 4:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. | Exhibit Hall

Saturday, December 1  | 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. | Exhibit Hall

Sunday, December 2 | 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. | Cottonwood Ballroom Foyer

Pre-Conference Workshops
Five Sessions to Choose From
Friday, November 30, 2018

7:30 a.m. Registration Opens
8:00 a.m. Meeting All Kids Needs Briefing
8:15 a.m. Meeting All Kids Needs Buses Depart
9:00 a.m. Early Bird Onsite Meetings Begin
Noon Lunch
4:00 p.m. Early Bird Onsite Meetings Adjourn

Meeting All Kids Needs - District Tours
(The Buses Are FULL!)

KASB’s popular and informative Meeting All Kids Needs Tours will highlight student mental health, school redesign, community partnerships and more on Nov. 30 in Johnson County. 

Participants will visit either Olathe USD 233 and De Soto USD 232 or Blue Valley USD 229 and Spring Hill USD 230.  

 Olathe will highlight its Mercury redesign work and the new Olathe West High School. The De Soto visit will feature community and business partnerships and the district’s work with KASB Prestigious Partner K12itc.  

The Blue Valley/Spring Hill tour will feature visits to USD 229’s Center for Advanced Professional Studies and the newly-renovated Harmony Elementary featuring flexible design along with Spring Hill’s Gemini redesign and recent bond issue to respond to enrollment growth.

 The two groups will meet for lunch at Olathe North High School for a discussion of the Johnson County school superintendents’ joint teen suicide prevention initiative. Lunch will be prepared by Olathe North culinary program students. 

Foundations of Boardsmanship 2.0 - SERIES CONCLUSION

This workshop centers on governance strategies boards of education can use to accomplish district goals. This full day pre-conference workshop at the 2018 Annual Conference builds on skills and knowledge gained through KASB’s introductory Foundations of Boardsmanship training. Topics and discussion will be useful for any board of education member - newly elected, just appointed or veteran! And attending as a team - with the superintendent and fellow board members - is an excellent way to deepen understanding of challenges and opportunities at the local level.

The dynamic, interactive sessions cover:

  • Using evaluation of teachers, coaches and administrators to monitor progress on established expectations;
  • Setting district goals, including how to identify leading and lagging indicators of student success and uncover common barriers to progress;
  • Establishing unity of purpose, defining district leadership responsibilities and assessing the board of education’s effectiveness; and
  • Creating a board culture that honors individual beliefs and personalities while working through challenging issues.

Winter School Law Conference

This one-day school law seminar will discuss the new school safety and crisis planning requirements schools must implement along with the school district’s legal responsibilities for student health and wellness. It will also review the Legal Authority of Kansas School Boards along with the school board’s Role in Handling Parent and Teacher Complaints; Employee Benefits, Behaviors and Best Practices; Social Media; School Employees’ Free Speech Rights and Responsibilities; Employee Leave Rights under the federal Family Medical Leave and Americans with Disabilities Acts and Documenting Employee Performance and Discipline Issues.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit with your colleagues from across the state to discuss and review new ways to handle difficult legal issues.

PLEASE NOTE: A special luncheon will be held for members of the Kansas School Attorneys Association attending this pre-conference. This pre-conference qualifies for CLE.

Cultural Proficiency Workshop

School is a place to nurture all students and help them reach their infinite potential. Every school has a stake in creating a culturally proficient environment that supports all students, staff and families. Participants in this new KASB workshop will learn what cultural proficiency means, what other schools are doing and what specific actions you as a board team can take to becoming culturally proficient. Discussions will include:

  • Diversity in your life.
  • What is cultural proficiency and why is it important?
  • What does the data mean to you?
  • About the change process.

Presenters include KASB Field Service Specialist Craig Wilford, Phyllis White-Cotter, Wichita USD 259, and Frank Henderson, Jr. Seaman USD 345 board member.


The Kansas School Superintendents Association is again excited to host the superintendents’ at the annual KSSA Day at the KASB Pre-Conference! Join us for a day of learning, conversation, and laughs.

Continuing on the theme, "Leading Through Change" KSSA will be joined Brian Davidson, Intrinsic Institute, Dr. John Vadewalle, Owner and CEO of multiple companies, and Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro League Museum.

Please plan to join your fellow superintendents and DLR for a dinner Thursday evening.

PLEASE NOTE: This session is NOT included in the KASB Season Pass or the USA PLN.

About the Trade Show

The Convention features a Trade Show, on November 30 Exhibition Hall of the Overland Park Convention Center. A Friday Night Reception provides four hours for attendees to register early, visit vendors, enjoy hors d’oeuvres, beverages, music and door prize giveaways. On Saturday, exhibitors may sponsor a lunch table.

Suppliers and manufacturers of school equipment, products and services are invited to participate. More than 500 school board members, superintendents and guests attend the KASB event.


NEW IN 2018

  • One DAY SHOW
  • Sponsor a Saturday Lunch Table

Back for 2018!

  • Purchase an ad in the Conference Program
  • Sponsor a Friday Night Raffle Item

Information and Forms

~ Exhibitor Kit (8 page pdf)

~ Floor Map (1 page pdf)

~ Exhibit Space Contract (2 page pdf)

~ Sponsorship Options (1 page pdf)

~Booth Accessory Rental Form-Helgerson Co (pdf)

~Shipping/Freight Form-Helgerson Co (pdf)

~ Electrical Order (takes you to the Overland Park Convention Center website)

~ Exhibitor Packet for Overland Park Convention Center  (takes you to the Overland Park Convention Center website)

Exhibit Hours

Friday, November 30
Bus/Vehicle ONLY Move-In & Registration Noon-2 p.m.
Booth Set-Up & Exhibitor Registration 2:3:30 p.m.
Exhibits Open/Reception 4-7:30 p.m.
End of Show 7:30 p.m.
Tear Down/Move Out 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, December 1
Networking Lunch [Exhibitors Can Sponsor a Table] 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Vendor Workshops [Limited Spaces] 12:15-12:45 p.m.


Exhibit Space Pricing

Booths Early Bird
After Oct. 5
Single $600 $650
Double $850 $925
Triple $1,025 $1,125
Bus Rates Early Bird
After Oct. 6
24' or less $650 $700
25'-34' $700 $750
35'-39' $750 $800
40'+ $800 $850