Voting Matters: Deadline approaches to register to vote; mail-in balloting will start soon

In Kansas, there are several ways to cast a ballot in the upcoming election. You can either vote by mail, or vote early in person or you can vote in person at your polling place on Election Day, which is Nov. 3.

But you can’t vote if you’re not registered to vote. If you are not already registered to vote, you have until Oct. 13 to do so.

If you need to register, would like to confirm you are registered, or want to request a mail-in ballot, you can go to, which is a non-partisan non-profit organization. The state also has websites that offer similar services — to register to vote, go to this link and to request a mail-in ballot, go here.

The League of Women Voters of Kansas also has a lot of information on voting at this link.

Under Kansas law, advance by mail ballots may be sent to voters no sooner than 20 days before any election. Therefore, advance by mail ballots will begin to be mailed on Oct. 14. The deadline to request advance mail-in ballot is Oct. 27. Voters using the mail-in process are urged to complete the application for a ballot and send it back to the local election office as soon as possible. Mailed ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 6.

KASB has information on who is running and the state’s major education issues on our Advocacy Key Resources webpage. Every seat in the Kansas House and Senate, half of 10 positions on the State Board of Education, all four of Kansas’ U.S. Representative positions and one U.S. Senate position are on the ballot. One Kansas Supreme Court justice, Eric Rosen, is on the ballot for retention.

KASB doesn’t endorse candidates but other groups do. As a public service, KASB is providing links below of organizations that often deal with education issues and have endorsed or recommended candidates.


Kansas Chamber PAC

Kansas Farm Bureau PAC

Mainstream Coalition PAC

Equality Kansas PAC

Kansas Livestock Association PAC

Game On for Kansas Schools



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