Accounting and Budgets

 Budget agreement for this year reached as work continues on future years (3/29/2017) 
   House and Senate budget committee leaders Tuesday struck a deal to balance the current year budget, while the Senate today will debate a two-year budget plan that would result in a nearly $900 million deficit over two years without a tax increase.
 KASB legislative webinar Friday (3/29/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a webinar at 12:30 p.m. Friday to review the progress of school finance and budget and tax issues before the Legislature.
 Appropriations Committee wrestles with budget gap; shifts parent education funding (3/28/2017) 
   The House Appropriations Committee continued debate on state agency funding for the fiscal years 2018 and 2019 budget, and unanimously agreed to shift funding for the Parents as Teachers program so limits on participation could be removed.
 Committee to work on school finance bill as hearings end (3/28/2017) 
   The House K-12 Education Budget Committee is expected to heavily amend its proposed school finance bill, House Bill 2410, after three days of hearings ended Monday.
 Kansas Capitol Connection: A weekly summary of education-related developments before the Legislature (3/24/2017) 
   Two weeks from first adjournment, the Kansas Legislature has started what promises to be a difficult process to pass a new school finance plan, state budget and the tax increases needed to pay for it all.
 KASB analysis shows how new school funding could be used to improve student success (3/23/2017) 
   As legislators debate a new school finance formula, KASB has provided an analysis of how increased funding could be used to improve student success.
 KASB neutral on new school finance bill, supports some parts, but funding falls short (3/23/2017) 
   KASB on Thursday said it is neutral on the new school finance proposal as introduced — supporting some provisions but also noting the legislation falls far short of providing enough revenue to help students succeed.
 HB 2374 Testimony (3/22/2017) 
   Expanding the tax credit for low income students scholarship program.
 Committees working to assemble state budget (3/21/2017) 
   Committee discussion on the budgets will continue tomorrow.
 Flat Tax proposals fall flat in House Tax committee (3/21/2017) 
   As the House Taxation committee works through the final concept proposals for changes to the State of Kansas revenue stream, Monday was a day to explore two different proposals for a "Flat Tax".
 KASB's school finance tracking document (3/17/2017) 
   Here is a link to that document. Next week, more in-depth discussions are expected on school finance.
 KASB legislative webinar at 12:30 p.m. today (3/17/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a legislative webinar at 12:30 p.m. today to review action by the Legislature on school finance, the budget, taxes and other issues.
 K-12 Ed Budget Committee hears school accounting bill (3/16/2017) 
   The House K-12 Education Budget Committee on Wednesday held a hearing on House Bill 2379, which would require school districts to report transaction-level information for all expenditures.
 Proposed amendment would limit state revenue and spending (3/15/2017) 
   Supporting the proposed amendment with written testimony were Americans for Prosperity and the Kansas Policy Institute.
 Rescission bill sent to full Senate does not include K-12 cut (3/14/2017) 
   A rescission bill that does not cut public education was approved Tuesday by the Senate Ways and Means Committee, sending it to the full Senate for possible floor action on Thursday.
 KASB testifies on income tax, statewide mill levy (3/14/2017) 
   Several members of the committee asked for information on the amount of property tax abatements that impact the 20 mill levy.
 Senate committee considers rescission bill, but not school cuts (3/13/2017) 
   On Tuesday, the committee will review the financial implications of its adopted amendments and most likely will pass the amended bill out of committee, with Senate floor action expected on Thursday.
 No efficiency savings compounds budget challenge (3/13/2017) 
   The chairman of the House K-12 Education Budget Committee says the state will not realize $47.2 million in savings from consolidating school district procurement and health insurance next year.
 Senate may consider K-12 cut, KASB urges school leaders to contact senators (3/10/2017) 
   The Kansas Senate next week may consider a two percent cut to public schools in the current year, KASB has learned.
 Kansas Capitol Connection for March 10, 2017 (3/10/2017) 
   This coming week may be a busy one for school advocates as the Kansas Senate may consider a two percent cut to public schools in the current year.
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