Hearing on HB 2268 in House Financial Institutions and Pensions (2/9/2017) 
   House Financial Institutions and Pensions will hold a hearing on HB 2268, extending the sunset date on certain working after retirement exemptions, Monday morning at 9 a.m.
 Senate cancels vote on school cuts, tax increase (2/9/2017) 
   No school cuts, for now, but they are definitely still in play. The Kansas Senate cancelled debate Thursday after Republican leaders couldn’t persuade their GOP members to agree to a 5 percent cut in general state aid to public schools.
 HB 2242 Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Classroom Based Funding Act
 KASB testifies on K-12 Cuts and Ending Balances (2/2/2017) 
   KASB urged the Senate Ways and Means Committee to avoid further cuts in K-12 funding and explained why school districts maintain cash balances in a hearing Wednesday on Senate Bill 27, the governor's budget bill for the current year.
 Committee Examines Working After Retirement Issues (1/30/2017) 
   Just one year after sweeping changes in rules for working after retirement under the Kansas Public Employees System went into effect, new concerns are being raised.
 Legislators look at cash balances to offset spending cuts (1/26/2017) 
   Facing a $350 million deficit in the current fiscal year (ending June 30), some state legislators are considering across-the-board spending cuts for state programs, including K-12 education.
 Education advocates say students would be hurt if schools cut (1/26/2017) 
   Public school advocates Thursday told legislators that funding cuts to balance the state budget would hurt students and could lead to closing schools earlier than planned.
 Kansas Capitol Connection: A weekly summary of education developments before the Legislature (1/20/2017) 
   Kansas legislators this week started work on the budget and taxes and some key votes are expected next week. Meanwhile, the Kansas Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a 2014 law that stripped teachers of some procedural rights.
 House K-12 rejects governor's delay of KPERS (1/20/2017) 
   The House K-12 Education Budget Committee on Thursday rejected a plan by Gov. Sam Brownback to not make a Kansas Public Employees Retirement System payment of $84 million.
 Senators unpack governor's KPERS recommendations (1/12/2017) 
   Senators on Thursday unpacked Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposals on the state pension system and indicated they didn’t like what they saw.
 Legislators to review budget issues in advance of session (12/15/2016) 
   A panel of legislative leaders will review the challenging state of the state budget Friday, less than a month before the start of the 2017 session.
 KPERS lowers projected return on investments (12/12/2016) 
   The lowered projected rate means the unfunded liability of the system will grow by 6 percent.
 Working after KPERS retirement still unsettled (9/13/2016) 
   For decades, employees who retired from a KPERS employer could, after a break in service, go work for any other KPERS employer.
 KPERS Report: moving in right direction but concerns for future (9/12/2016) 
   The state legislature appropriates money to cover the KPERS contribution for school district employees.
 Post-primary election Webinar at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday (8/2/2016) 
   Who won, who lost and what could it mean for the state of Kansas and public education.
 Information on Working After Retirement available (5/13/2016) 
   Mr. Conroy announced that KPERS plans its own webinars, likely beginning next week. We’ll provide information when available.
 Special KPERS Webinar at 12:30 p.m. Today (5/12/2016) 
   For those who cannot participate in the Webinar, it will be archived at by the end of day.
 Legislature approves budget, several other education measures, then adjourns (5/2/2016) 
   The Kansas Legislature early Monday approved a state budget that supporters of the bill said would protect K-12 funding but will require cuts in other areas.
 Legislature moves closer to approving several education-related bills (4/30/2016) 
   The Legislature moved closer to approving several education-related measures as the wrap up session neared its conclusion.
 House offer would shield school funding from Governor’s cuts (4/30/2016) 
   House budget negotiators Friday night proposed an amendment that would prohibit the Governor from using special allotment authority to reduce K-12 funding to balance the budget.
 KPERS payment delayed to deal with continued budget problems (4/11/2016) 
   Of the delayed $92.6 million amount, $80.2 million is for school districts and $12.4 million is for community colleges.
 House advances Working After Retirement changes (3/22/2016) 
   HS Sub for SB 168 received tentative approval by the House yesterday for final action today.
 House Pensions shaping up the last of its bills (3/15/2016) 
   The Committee passed out HB 2700 (supplemental note) last week.
 Pensions work continues (2/18/2016) 
   Work continued on working after retirement issues Wednesday morning.
 House Committee considers working after retirement changes (2/16/2016) 
   It is the plan of Chair Steven Johnson, R-Assaria, to try to get this completed by Wednesday for consideration by the full House.
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