State Board

 HB 2346 Testimony (2/17/2017) 
   Administration of school district finance by the state board of education.
 Senate Ed at risk (2/16/2017) 
   The Senate Education Committee on Wednesday held an informational hearing on at-risk funding in Kansas and how student numbers are determined.
 HB 2270 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   Creating the education finance act.
 State Board approves specialized certificates for KCK (2/14/2017) 
   The Kansas State Board of Education on Tuesday approved a request from Kansas City USD 500 to provide specialized certificates for five non-licensed teachers.
 State Board of Education to consider special certification request (2/13/2017) 
   The State Board of Education on Tuesday will consider a request from Kansas City USD 500 to hire five non-licensed teachers.
 HB 2242 Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Classroom Based Funding Act
 House K-12 Budget Committee hears from Mike O'Neal (2/7/2017) 
   The Monday afternoon committee meeting of the House K-12 Budget was primarily focused on a presentation from former Speaker of the House Mike O'Neal.
 HB 2243 Testimony (2/6/2017) 
   Authorizing school security officers to use certain types of emergency safety interventions
 KASB legislative webinar today (2/3/2017) 
   KASB will review the legislative week during a webinar at 12:30 p.m. today.
 HB 2048 Testimony (2/2/2017) 
   School district plan addressing child sexual abuse; estabishing Erin's law.
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