KASB announces BOLD new leadership opportunity

KASB Leadership Services is launching a new program this fall: KASB BOLD (Business Operations Leadership Development). 

The program is similar to KASB’s Leadership for Tomorrow program, but focuses on the financial, facilities and planning side of leading a school district. The program was developed primarily for new superintendents (within the first two years in their position) and aspiring superintendents to provide knowledge and skill development around seven key areas:  

  • Building and facilities master planning; 
  • Technology planning; 
  • Finance strategies and planning; 
  • Procurement processes; 
  • School security; 
  • Risk management; and 
  • Human resource management. 

The first cohort class will be limited to 20 individuals. Participants will come together for six sessions at locations around the state with KASB staff, experts from across the state and KASB partners leading training at each of the day long events. 

The application window runs from Aug. 15 through Sept. 15, and the first sessions is scheduled for Oct. 24. Additional information, including session dates and locations and the online application form, can be found at kasb.org/BOLD 

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