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KASB Announces Leadership for Tomorrow Class of 2019

Twenty-seven public education leaders from across Kansas have been selected to participate in the KASB Leadership for Tomorrow Class of 2019. The class includes board members and administrators in addition to a KASB staff attorney selected for this year's class. Read More

KASB Leadership Academy gives awards

Three Kansas boards of education have earned top honors in the 2018 KASB Leadership Academy, and a total of 629 individual Level 1 or Level 2 certificates were awarded for participation in training. The awards were announced recently by the Kansas Association of School Boards. “This recognition highlights the great commitment all of our board members and administrators exhibit to the improvement of student success in Kansas,” said Dr. John Heim, KASB executive director. Read More

2019 Legislative Session and Federal Issues
See KASB ADVOCACY for news and resources for the 2019 Legislative Session. Information includes 2019 Legislative Priorities approved by the KASB Delegate Assembly in December, Weekly Legislative Calendar, Bill Status Summaries and issue papers and other resources related to Federal education and advocacy topics.

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KASB Daily Education Roundup, Thur. Feb. 14

Vouchers, health care and KPERS dominated education-related news on Thursday and a Senate committee advanced a measure that would allow school boards to elect officers earlier.  SB 7, approved by the Senate Ethics, Elections and Local Government Committee, would allow school boards to elect their leaders in January instead of July. A detailed story on the measure, which is headed to the full Senate, can be read here.  On the issue of vouchers, the House K-12 Education Budget Committee held a hearing on HB 2150, which would allow witnesses or victims of bullying to transfer with a voucher to a private [...]

SB 7 advanced by committee

SB 7, which changes the statutory date for the election of school board officers, was approved with an amendment Thursday by the Senate Ethics, Elections and Local Government Committee. The amended bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration. KASB is neutral on the bill.   SB 7 was introduced by Sen. Tom Hawk, D-Manhattan, to rectify an unintended consequence of a 2015 law that changed the date for school board and city commission elections from April of odd-numbered years to November of even-numbered years. That law did not, however, amend the existing statute requiring school boards to elect board [...]

Correction: Kansas Reading Roadmap would be funded under governor’s proposed budget

In the KASB Daily Education Roundup for Monday, Feb. 11, the status of funding for the Kansas Reading Roadmap in the governor’s budget was incorrectly stated. Gov. Laura Kelly has proposed funding for Kansas Reading Roadmap for the next fiscal year. Kelly's budget is currently being reviewed by various legislative committees. Kansas Reading Roadmap serves about 5,500 students in 60 sites across the state, partnering with school districts and non-profits to increase early reading proficiency through after school and family engagement programs. The Feb. 11 Education Roundup has also been corrected. The governor's proposed budget would delete state general funding for a [...]

KASB’s Daily Education Roundup, Wed. Feb. 13

Responses are pouring in from school districts that are explaining how additional funding has been used to drive student success.  Legislators are considering SB 44, which would add the inflationary adjustment to K-12 funding sought by Gov. Laura Kelly, the State Board of Education and the plaintiff school districts in the Gannon lawsuit who say the bill will settle what the Kansas Supreme Court has said is needed to make Kansas’ school finance system constitutional.  In consideration of the bill, Sen. Molly Baumgardner, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Education Finance, asked what schools have done with the funding increases [...]

Urgent and Needs Response: School leaders need to share with legislators the impact of increased school funding

As debate continues in the Kansas Legislature over school finance, it is critically important lawmakers hear from school leaders across the state about how new funding is being used by school districts to help students.  KASB and United School Administrators of Kansas are asking our members to help us answer that question and disseminate that information to legislators who currently are considering SB 44, which would implement the inflation adjustment called for by Gov. Laura Kelly and the Kansas State Board of Education.  Legislators need to know how your school district is using recent funding increases to raise student achievement, especially for [...]

KASB’s Daily Education Roundup, Tue. Feb. 12

On Tuesday, KASB testified in favor of Gov. Laura Kelly’s school finance plan — SB 44 — and against HB 2166, which would require high schools offer a course on financial literacy and all students pass the course to graduate.  No committee action was taken on either bill.   KASB’s Associate Director for Advocacy Mark Tallman told the Senate Select Committee on Education Finance that SB 44 provided the funds necessary for student success and a path to ending the long running Gannon lawsuit. Based on questions from committee members, school leaders are urged to contact their legislators and provide information [...]