State Board of Education to receive update on formation of school finance interim committee

The State Board of Education on Tuesday will receive an update on the decision by legislative leaders to appoint an interim committee to address the Kansas Supreme Court’s school finance ruling. 

The Special Committee on a Comprehensive Response to the School Finance Decision will study the court decision and consider options, including a possible amendment to the Kansas Constitution to alter the provision that deals with education funding. An amendment to the constitution would require a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate before it could be placed on the ballot for voters to decide. 

The committee, which has been allotted three meeting days, will forward its work to the full Legislature which starts the 2018 session on Jan. 8. 

During its monthly meeting, the State Board on Tuesday also will: 

— Act on Kansas Curricular Standards for English Language Arts;  

— Receive an update on the Transition to College Algebra pilot project, which is a one-year course for high school seniors who, based on placement test scores, would need to take remedial math prior to taking college algebra.  

— Receive a request for issuing a specialized certificate for a drama instructor to teach in Kansas City USD 500. The specialized certificate allows people who don’t have a teaching license to teach for one-year. 

On Wednesday, the board will discuss further legislative matters and the Mercury and Gemini school redesign timeline. Here is a link to the State Board’s agenda and backup documents. Board meetings also are live streamed here. 


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