District-Level Data

KASB’s ongoing surveys and other data collections that gather data at the district level.

KASB Surveys

What surveys each district has submitted to KASB by year. – Updated 06/11/2018

KASB Members Only

Visit the Members Only Data page for the following:

  • All salary info collected by KASB and KSDE
  • KASB’s Enrollment Projections
  • Employee Relations Survey Data and Report
  • Central Office Staff Survey Data and Report
  • Principals and Assistant Principals Survey Data and Report
  • Superintendent Survey Data and Report
  • Info for Negotiations tool

Other Data

KSDE info on average teacher salaries. – Updated 11/09/2017

Data file from KSDE on meal prices for various groups. – Updated 03/29/2018

Data from KSDE’s website on headcount enrollments. – Updated 06/01/2016

Data from KSDE’s annual LegalMax workbook. – Updated 06/01/2016

This tool contains district expenditures by fund, function, and object from 1998-99 to 2016-17.  Multiple tables and graphs are provided that can be filtered by a wide variety of factors including district, KSHSAA class, function, and so forth. – Updated 04/13/2018

Data gathered, mainly from KSDE, to present for the New Board Member Workshops. Provides a good overview of district financial and demographic data. – Updated June 2016

This tool provides a variety of details about each district that are pertinent to legislators and policymakers.  Data can be shown for multiple districts and/or the state for comparison. – Updated 12/22/2016

This tool contains data from the 2014-15 – 2016-17 Kansas State Assessments for all public and private accredited school districts broken out by grade, subject, student group, and performance level.  Data can be filtered by a variety of factors. – Updated 03/05/2018