State-Level Data

National data sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics that report on data at the State level.

Tools and Resources

KASB's database of state-level statistics from national sources. - Updated 05/08/2017

Comparing Kansas

The KASB Comparing Kansas report data provides information related to the Kansas State Board of Education’s Kansans Can outcomes and the “Rose Capacities” identified by the Kansas Supreme Court as a standard of constitutional funding and adopted as educational goals by the Kansas Legislature. It also allows Kansas educational performance, funding and other factors to be compared to other states. This is the second year KASB has produced this report using the same data elements and calculations.

This report from KASB's Advocacy Team compares Kansas to other states on a variety of demographic and student outcome measures.

This report compares data from a variety of national sources for Kansas with other state groups; focusing on student attainment, student achievement, and school spending.

Data on graduation, postsecondary enrollment, and degrees earned is compared to other states.

Data on NAEP outcome measures and funding is compared to other states.

Info on the state of Kansas education compared to the rest of the country.

Kansas is compared to three state groups; those similar to Kansas, those performing better than Kansas, and those performing better than Kansas when controlling for population characteristics.

Data on teachers salary, education, and experience is compared to other states.

Packets of data used for comparing Kansas to other state groups.

Info on Kansas compared to the rest of the country.