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KASB Partners

KASB Partners - Our Partners in Leadership, Service and Advocacy

Our Partners in Leadership, Service & Advocacy


It takes trusted partners to continue the vital work our schools offer our local communities. KASB Partners share our commitment to leadership, service, and advocacy to serve our students better. Each partner is carefully vetted, so your district can expect a trusted and reliable partner to help you move the work forward. 

Learn how to become a KASB Partner, more about our current partners and their services, contact information, websites, and more as you consider who and what you need for your next project.


Check out the following services to learn what services and products our partners have to offer you:

We offer other services at KASB, so check out our services page to learn how we can serve you today!

Have a service or product you think districts would benefit from?


Learn How to Become a Partner!

Architecture Services

Our architecture partners help our school districts with facilities planning, building design consultations, and more. 

  • Architecture Services:
    HTK Architects logoAt HTK Architects, quality service and design are the backbone of our firm, which we believe begins with our personnel. Our team puts careful and thoughtful consideration into each phase of the design process to ensure design excellence. Our policy is to assign a Principal-In-Charge and at least one Project Manager to each project. Each staff member is responsible to the owner from the beginning through the post-occupancy review of a project. Decisions regarding each project are made through joint efforts with the Owner, Principal-In-Charge and the Project Manager as well as input from the project team through weekly team meetings. We are dedicated to ensuring every project has principal involvement and personalized attention.

    Interested in working with HTK Architects? Contact Elizabeth Johnson at

  • Architecture Services:

    SPT logoSPT Architecture is a full-service Architecture, Interior Architecture and Master Planning design firm with over 36 years of experience. SPT's work spans a large variety of project types - small to large, rustic to contemporary, residential to commercial - they've done it all. Interested in working with SPT? Contact Greg Tice at

Construction Management

Our construction management partners provide a trusted partner to work from start to finish on your facilities.

  • Construction Management:

    Mammoth logoMammoth is a modem master build firm dedicated to building the places where passion and community collide. We can consult, create, and construct sports projects of every size. Mammoth Sports Construction provides complete design build construction service from the opening meeting to opening day. Our design build process improves communication with clients while reducing costs and the stress that comes from large construction projects.

  • Construction Management:

    McCown Gordon Construction logoMcCown Gordon Construction has a people-first way of doing business. We bring a high level of involvement, engaged communication and an innovative, problem-solving approach focused on building lasting client partnerships. We start with active listening and finding ways to create the most value for your investment. Through our delivery methods, cutting-edge technology, unprecedented safety and leading sustainability solutions, we can not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

  • Construction Management:

    Simpson Construction Services logo

    Founded in 1958, Simpson Construction is a leading commercial construction company. For 65 years, our fourth-generation company has delivered commercial construction services with transparency, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

    Simpson operates out of Wichita and completes projects throughout Kansas. Our vast construction management and design-build expertise have allowed us to serve clients in finance, industry, healthcare, religion, and education. At Simpson, we have the leadership, confidence, and knowledge to provide clients with the right balance of time to market, quality, and cost. Our success is measured by the lifelong relationships we build with our satisfied clients.

Facilities Management

Call our Facilities Management partners for your next facility update or bond construction project.

  • Facilities Management:

    Ameresco logoAmeresco can provide complete operations and maintenance solutions or integrated solutions with training for existing staff. As an independent company with no products to sell, our customers can choose best-in-class energy equipment solutions and gain control over the costs to operate and maintain them.

  • Facilities Management:

    P1 Group logoPl focuses on finding the best solutions for customers through its robust construction, fabrication, and facility maintenance services. With 100 years of experience, much of it in the education marketplace, Pl is a trusted partner of KASE, ready to help you with all things facilities. Learn more about them here.

Financial Services

Trust our Financial Services to help your district plan for the future.

  • Financial Services:

    Piper Sandler logo

    As a leading investment bank, we enable growth and success for our clients through deep sector expertise, candid advice and a differentiated, highly productive culture.

    We create and implement superior financial solutions for our clients. Serving clients is our fundamental purpose. We earn our clients' trust by delivering the best guidance and service. Great people working together as a team are our competitive advantage. Learn more here.

  • Financial Services:

    Raymond James logoWhen Kansas school districts make investments in their facilities to enhance the educational experience for their students and community, they deserve the dedication and expertise of a public finance partner that understands their constituents' needs and can execute tailored financial solutions. Raymond James Public Finance has the experience to be that partner. Our veteran bankers and aggressive underwriters work with school districts to provide the highest quality service to see these projects to completion. Learn more here.

Food Services

Trust in one of our Food Service partners to provide proper nutrition to your student body at an affordable price.

  • Food Services:OPAA! Apple logo

    Because school food management is all we do, school districts that partner with us get nourishing, child-friendly meals that appeal to even the pickiest eaters while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. Our menus include made-from-scratch rolls and other delicious dishes made every day, along with a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables and other nutritious choices supporting a healthy learning environment.

    Our regional buying power helps keep meals affordable. Our scratch-cooking approach enables us to maximize government commodities or cash. The bottom line — we have the skills to make school food service programs self-supporting.

    These are among the many reasons why Opaa! is trusted by more than two-thirds of Missouri and Kansas school districts that contract out their food service, as well as a growing number of schools in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Illinois, and Iowa. Our 3500+ employees have helped us achieve a school district retention rate of 97%!

    Learn more here.

Technology Services

As technology needs increase in your school district, contact our Technology Services partners to support your needs.

  • Technology Services:

    Frontline Education logoFrontline empowers strategic K-12 leaders with school administration software to proactively manage human capital, business operations, and special education. With our solutions, you can stop fighting fires and instead feel empowered with the right tools, data, and insights to ignite your strategy. Learn more here.

  • Technology Services:

    K12itc logoProviding technology services to over 450 schools nationwide, no one understands your needs the way Kl2itc does. They understand that technology is always changing, budgets are often shrinking, and that you need a partner to help you navigate the waters and deliver cost-effective, efficient technology solutions for schools. If you need efficient and affordable technology solutions, look no further than Kl2itc. Learn more here.

Software Suites

Upgrade your district with our Software Suite! Each software solution provides members with cost-effective and efficient ways to connect with their employees and community, manage member health benefits, navigate e-meetings and find efficient purchasing solutions.

  • Software Suites:

    BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing logo

    KASB is proud to offer an audit-compliant purchasing cooperative. The KASB BuyBoard® purchasing program is a free, value-added service for KASB members. It is a comprehensive purchasing tool developed for local governments and one that can reduce purchasing costs on products and services being bought today. BuyBoard® has a long history and a high-level approach to our business, our members, and our vendors that make us stand out. The goal of the BuyBoard® purchasing coop is to drive down costs and make the procurement process more efficient all the while being audit-compliant. Included below are a few highlights of the program:

    • 24-year history.
    • Local government agency controls the life cycle of all contracts.
    • Gains access to a wide range of vendors with pricing based on national volume levels.
    • Non-profit that helps provide funding to enhance Kansas public education.
    • Outreach to local, regional and MWBE vendors to participate.
    • Available for EDGAR (CFR) Federal Funding use.


    Contact David Ricketts for more information at

    Click the image to visit our site and contact us today to start using BuyBoard®.

  • Software Suites:BoardBook Premier logo

    Created by the Texas Association of School Boards, BoardBook® has been working for over 15 years to meet the needs of school districts. The updated version of the board agenda preparation software, BoardBook® Premier, was designed with this unique market in mind and is the result of our experience with boards from across the country.

    Today the partnership with the Kansas Association of School Boards makes BoardBook® available to you.  Two tiers are available. An entry-level tool gives you access to the basic functions of this user-friendly software.

    Click the image to visit our webpage and contact us today to test BoardBook® for your district. 

  • Software Suites:

    ParentSquare logo

    ParentSquare is the modern platform for family engagement through school communications and communications-based services—all the way from the district office to the classroom teacher, and all in one place.

    Learn more here.

  • Software Suites:

    KBS logo

    We know the market for employee benefits is a crowded and noisy space. It can be difficult to choose a partner that you trust to care for your staff and their families. That is why KBS is proud to offer a comprehensive Employee Benefit Solutions program that is built with educators and education leaders in mind. 

    EBS is a comprehensive benefits solution that can be custom-built to serve the needs of your district and community.

    Covered programs include:

    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Term-Life


    Visit the KBS web page, to get your districts’ benefits all in one place.

How Do I Become a Partner?

KASB understands vendors' vital role in the success our members seek to achieve. We value your key role in connecting with them and offering your products and services to support student success and local community engagement.

Many vendors have supported our association for decades. KASB has a partners' program that supports two outcomes:

Our most expansive partnership opportunity is an Association Partnership. An annual or multi-year contract agreement that showcases your company’s commitment to Kansas public education allows access to multiple association events throughout the year, title sponsorship of our annual convention, and other unique marketing opportunities.

Checkmark logoShowcase your organization as one that is both positioned and committed to the Kansas public education marketplace, which sets your organization apart as one that not only markets to our members but supports the desired outcome of student success.

Checkmark logoOur members continuously seek vendor support and engagement for various goods and services. They look to professional associations as the initial vetting and recommendation resource for district administrations and the board of education.


KASB has multiple ways to give back to education. We value all partnerships and understand not one size fits all. We can send you more information if you are only interested in a convention partnership. Learn more about partnership pathways below.

  • KASB is proud to serve Kansas school boards. We have seen the benefit of partnering with companies with a direct passion for supporting our members. If your company cannot meet the requirements of the premier partnership pathways, the program partnership may be a great place to get started.

    Most companies will meet the requirements of the Premier Partnership within one to two years while receiving the benefits listed below. This Pathway to Premier is a market entry if your business is "new to Kansas." These opportunities are for companies that aren't based in Kansas but work extensively with our schools, boards, and districts across the state. At most, three vendors offering similar products or services will be approved annually.

    Program Value

    • One KASB Convention Booth
    • Convention Partnership
    • Sponsorship/Participation in one of the following per year:
      • BOLD (Business, Operations, Leadership, Development)
      • LIT (Leadership for Tomorrow)
      • WLS (Women's Leadership Summit)
      • AIA (Advocacy in Action)
      • Human Resources Cohort
      • Summer Leadership Summit


  • Our most expansive partnership opportunity is a Premier Partnership. This annual or multi-year agreement showcases your company's commitment to public education in Kansas, gives the vendor access to multiple association events throughout the year, title sponsorship of our annual convention, and other unique marketing opportunities.


    • One Professional Leaming (PL) Opportunity (Blog;Vlog or Podcast)
    • Recognition as a KASB Partner on the KASB website or other mediums
    • One full cross-sell week per year (social media marketing)
    • One KASB Convention Booth
    • Convention Partnership (Including lOxlO booth in premier location)
    • Membership Access During Convention for one partner
    • Happy Hour Access at Convention

    $8,600 value


    • Two Professional Learning (PL) Opportunity (Blog!Vlog or Podcast)
    • Recognition as a KASB Partner on the KASB website or other mediums
    • Two full cross-sell week per year (social media marketing)
    • One KASB Convention Booth
    • Convention Partnership (Including 20x20 booth in premier location)
    • Membership Access During Convention for two partners
    • Happy Hour Access at Convention

    $18,600 value


    • Four Professional Learning (PL) Opportunity (Blog/Vlog or Podcast)
    • Recognition as a KASB Partner on the KASB website or other mediums
    • Three full cross-sell week per year (social media marketing)
    • One KASB Convention Booth
    • Convention Partnership (Including 20x20 booth in premier location)
    • Membership Access During Convention for four partners
    • Access to Convention Happy Hour as a Title Sponsor
    • Access to PD Event (By request only at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or Executive Staff)
    • May enroll one representative as attendee of Leadership for Tomorrow

    $33,100 value

  • Visit our Convention Vendors and Sponsors page for more information.

  • Requirements for Becoming an Association Partner

    The Vendor Must:

    • Not provide services offered by or through the Association;
    • Be one of three Vendors offering similar products and services approved (geographic diversity in Kansas is an essential factor in partnership approval)
    • Denote one of the following on the Vendor Partnership Application:
      1. Participation in the Association's Annual Convention for 2+ years;
      2. Past Association Partnership for 3+ years; or
      3. Have a principal of the Vendor who served on a statewide or national education-related board of directors.
    • Be in good social and economic standing in Kansas as well as nationally if a national organization;
    • If rated, have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) grade of C+ or higher. If not rated, provide a rationale;
    • If rated, have a financial rating through S & P of BBB or higher. If not rated, provide a rationale;
    • Provide written referrals from 2+ current Association members using said services or products; and
    • Provide a referral from another similar state association in or neighboring Kansas.
  • Partnership Application Process

    A partnership with KASB gives exclusive access to educational leaders across the state.

    Association Partnerships

    Contact Leadership Services with your level of interest or questions regarding Association Partnerships.

    • Internal review of the application
    • KASB vetting with references and potential partner
    • Potential partner presentation with Leadership and Executive Teams
    • Contract review design and evaluation with Leadership Team
    • Contract execution between Association Partner and Executive Director of KASB

Our Partners