Key Resources

2019 Resolutions and Policies

  • Resolutions and Policies adopted by the 2018 Delegate Assembly [pdf]

KASB Legislative Committee Report

  • Report to the 2018 KASB Delegate Assembly [pdf]

Commitment to Education

KASB Report: Kansas Public Schools: Commitment to Success - November 2018

National Threat Assessment Center

Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence (July 2018)

Gannon - 2018

Kansas Supreme Court - Gannon Decision - June 25, 2018

KASB Analysis of Supreme Court Hearing - 05.22.18

Gannon Briefs - 05.07.18
Plaintiffs-Appellees' Brief

Defendant-Appellant's Brief

School Finance Basics - Handouts

  • Bruce Baker  - What's NOT the Matter with Kansas? [pdf]
  • Edward Penner - Gannon and the Legislature [pdf]
  • Heidi Zimmerman - K-12 Education: Special Education Funding [pdf]
  • Rob Scheib - How Budgeting Works - Limits and Processes in Building a District Budget [pdf]

Politics in Education - Oct 25 Handouts

  • Tallman: "How We Got Here, Where We Are Going" Key Points About Public Education (pdf)
  • Federal Issues (pdf)
  • KS Public Education: Commitment to Success (pdf)
  • School Finance Questions for Candidates (pdf)
  • Be An Informed Voter (pdf)

KASB Live Video & Podcasts

KASB Live includes updates on KASB's Facebook Channel. View archived

Tallman Education Report (Blog)

12.12.18: Two years of increased funding restores school district employees
----Read More---->

Previous Blogs

  • 12.04.18 What do we get for $13,000 per student? ----Read More---->
  • 11.28.18 New Revenue Estimates Predict Strengthening Kansas Economy; Support for Additional School Funding ----Read More---->
  • 11.09.18 Thoughts on Kansas K-12 Education after the 2018 Election ----Read More---->
  • 10.30.18 Kansas K-12 funding lags personal spending growth ----Read More---->
  • 10.23.18 How school districts used increased funding 2017-18: for students and teachers, more salaries and benefits, and programs for student success ----Read More---->
  • 10.19.18 Common questions about Kansas Public Schools Answered  ----Read More---->
  • 10.17.18 Path to prosperity: invest in education  ----Read More---->
  • 10.05.18 Key facts about school district cash balances  ----Read More---->
  • 10.01.18 Latest reports show both short-term and long-term gains in Kansas education outcomes; positive impact on Kansas economy  ----Read More---->
  • Updated school finance information: funding increase, inflation adjustments, share of personal income and general state budget  ----Read More---->
  • 09.20.18 Mini-post: question about principals  ----Read More---->
  • 09.18.18 Too many principals in Kansas schools? Not for successful students  ----Read More---->
  • 09.15.18 Kansas schools ALREADY spend less on non-instructional programs  ----Read More---->
  • 09.13.18 Dollars to the Classroom  ----Read More---->
  • 09.07.18 School Administrators Part 3: How the ratio of school management employees to all employees compares to the overall public and private sector in Kansas  ----Read More---->
  • 09.06.18 School Administrators Part 2 – How school district employee and management pay compares to overall public and private organizations in Kansas  ----Read More---->
  • 09.05.18 School Administrators Part 1: How school superintendents compare to the chief executives in the Kansas economy  ----Read More---->

Other Information

NSBA Summer Recess Guide

NSBA Congressional Recess and Grassroots Engagement Guide (August 2018)

Consensus Revenue Estimates, April 20, 2018

Audit Proposal

K-12 Education: Evaluating Special Education Funding in order to satisfy requirements in 2018 Substitute for SB 423. (pdf)

KOMA Changes - July 2017

SCHOOL BOARDS NOTE: Legislative changes to KOMA - Effective July 1, 2017

KASB Issue Paper

Endrew Supreme Court Decision

KASB Summary of Endrew F Supreme Court Decision A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court could have a significant impact on how school districts develop services for special education students, according to the KASB legal department. (April 2017)

K12 Task Force


Tallman Education Report

  • 08.22.18 How districts can raise their student postsecondary success. Part 3 of 3  ----Read More---->
  • 08.21.18 Updated Postsecondary Progress Report shows improvement. Part 2 of 3 ----Read More---->
  • 08.19.18 New school year brings hopeful signs, but big challenges remain for Kansas students. Part 1 of 3 ----Read More---->
  • 08.12.18 Kansas school funding trailed nation and region since Great Recession ----Read More---->
  • 08.06.18 Kansas teacher salaries fell behind nation, region since 2010 ----Read More---->
  • 08.01.18: What WalletHub rankings say about Kansas school quality and funding ----Read More---->
  • 07.30.18: Report ranks Kansas high on education performance and college funding; lower on equity, state economy and finances ----Read More---->
  • 07.24.18: State Board proposal would adjust Legislature's school funding for inflation ----Read More---->
  • 07.20.18: State aid for school district bond projects: How it works, why it matters a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">----Read More---->
  • 07.18.18: School districts increase staff to help students, improve outcomes----Read More---->
  • 07.12.18: What Kansas education cost studies found and how they have been used by the courts----Read More---->
  • 06.30.18: $250,000 per classroom: How is it spent? What is the return?----Read More---->
  • 06.28.18: Supreme Court: Legislative solution can restore suitable school funding if it keeps up with inflation----Read More---->
  • 06.26.18: How the Supreme Court answered questions about Kansas school finance----Read More---->
  • 06.04.18: Tracking the two-year increase in state aid to school districts ----Read More---->
  • 05.24.18: Key Issues for the Kansas Supreme Court in the Gannon school finance case ----Read More---->
  • 05.18.18:Grading the Legislature on Education ----Read More---->
  • 05.02.18: Kansas v Florida: Student achievement, funding and economic success ----Read More---->
  • 03.26.18: What we learned from the new Kansas school finance study, and what it confirms that we already knew ----Read More---->
  • 02.21.18: Trends in School District Cash Balances ----Read More---->
    Download "Trends in School District Cash Balances" as a pdf here.
  • 02.09.18: Legislature underfunded school finance laws by $867 million since 2009 ----Read More----> 
  • 02.02.18: Key points on the state transportation aid controversy ----Read More---->
  • 01.30.18: JAG-K program shows improving graduation rates both costs and pays ----Read More---->
  • 01.24.18: Restoring Additional School Funding for Students and Teachers: School District Survey Results ----Read More---->
  • 01.04.18: K-12 aid is not taking a larger share of the Kansas state budget ----Read More---->

School Finance: What it means to Kansas

Education Cost Studies-Earlier Documents