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2024 Annual Convention

2024 KASB Convention - Cultivating School Communities

2024 KASB Annual Convention

Nov. 15-17 | Hyatt Regency | 400 W. Waterman St, Wichita, KS


Join us as we plant seeds of knowledge, watch ideas sprout and see innovation bloom. Harvest cutting-edge strategies, tools and technologies to grow student learning, engagement and achievement in your district.


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Discover a selection of over 30 handpicked breakout sessions! With topics ranging from legal matters to leadership strategies and everything in between, you'll find the perfect session for you and your team!

  • 2025 Legislative Priorities Draft Review

    Speakers: Leah Fliter & Shannon Kimball - KASB

    KASB’s legislative resolutions guide your Advocacy staff’s work with legislators in Topeka and Washington DC. Join Leah and Shannon for a review of the draft 2025 policies that will be voted on by the KASB Delegate Assembly.

    Increasing Engagement: Building Parent Capacity and Reducing Teen Suicide

    Speakers: Dr. Tiffany Anderson, Billie Wallace & Angela Dick – Topeka USD 501

    Parents are a child’s first teacher and when parent capacity is effectively built, engagement increases in school and at home which can improve social emotional health. Strategies to increase engagement and improve health outcomes will be shared that resulted in eliminating teen suicides for 6 consecutive years through using an approach serving the whole family. Increasing parent engagement improves student chronic absenteeism, student engagement, and school outcomes.

    Connect 360: Navigating the Journey of Communication and Engagement in Every Direction

    Speakers: Bryce Wachs & Allisa Spain – Fort Larned USD 495

    This session offers an insightful exploration into effective communication strategies tailored specifically for a diverse student population. This session shares how our district enhanced communication with and built meaningful connections with a previously under-engaged group of families. Participants will gain valuable cultural insights from our district's interpreter, learn inclusive language practices, and how technology can facilitate better engagement. By adopting these strategies, educators can ensure every family feels valued and included, improving student success and community participation. Join us to gain the tools necessary to foster an inclusive and supportive educational environment for everyone.

    Intro to the Nuts and Bolts of Campaigning for School Board

    Speaker: Brendan Wirth – Engaged Kansas/Kansas Farm Bureau

    Learn about Engaged Kansas and its resources supporting locally elected officials.  Focus will be given to Kansas Farm Bureau's Campaign Schools, designed to provide nonpolitical unbiased guidance on how to campaign for any local office including local school boards.

    Attracting and Maintaining Flourishing Superintendents

    Speaker: Dr. Dan Magie – Ellsworth-Kanopolis-Geneseo USD 327

    Of the 287 school districts in Kansas, there were 71 changes in the role of superintendent from 2021-22 to 2022-23 (Kansas School Superintendents’ Association, 2023). That equates to almost 25% of school districts across Kansas that have experienced recent turnover in the role of superintendent. Using data from AASA, the expected turnover in the superintendent position is 14%-16% annually (EAB, 2022). Kansas is experiencing high rates of turnover in the role of superintendent, which causes a problem for school communities as they lose precious resources of time, money, trust, relationships, and sustained leadership.

    This session will lead board members through a district reflection focused on the extent their district can attract and maintain flourishing superintendents. Integrity, Intentionality, Autonomy-Supportive Environments, and Special Project Involvement are key areas of this work session.

    Moving from Conflict to Progress

    Speakers: Gary Secrest, Marcia Weseman & Kristin Magette – KASB

    Board of Education members and superintendents often find themselves at the center of hostility and incivility, in the board room. Without conversation strategies and skills to navigate these challenges and keep the focus on agreed-upon goals, the important work of the board will be stalled or stopped completely.  In this workshop, participants will explore the underlying triggers of conflict and learn steps to practice strategies that foster trust, enhance teamwork, and continue progress.

    Beyond Discipline: Implementing a PK-12 Behavior Continuum

    Speakers: Dr. Kellen Adams & Dr. Rebekah Varvel – Leavenworth USD 453

    After a series of listening sessions and input for an updated strategic plan, USD 453 identified student behavior as one of the trending concerns at all buildings and grade levels. As such, the team embarked on implementing a Behavior Continuum to create additional supports that would lead to great student success and decreased suspensions. One of the pilot strategies utilized was creating a School within A School model at both the elementary and secondary level. Additionally, the district embraced adopting a PreK-12 classroom management methodology and the implementation of a behavior continuum.

    Legal Cornucopia For Board Members

    Speakers: Angie Stallbaumer & Lori Kopp – KASB

    As we prepare for Thanksgiving, this session offers tips a plenty for board members trying to navigate the legal landscape in their role.  Come hear from KASB's legal staff regarding laws applicable to their work on boards and ways to avoid being feathered, stuffed, and roasted during their board service.

    The Learning Never Stops 

    Speaker: G.A. Buie – United School Administrators of Kansas

    As leaders, we recognize the critical role continuous learning plays in our professional and personal growth. In the ever-evolving educational landscape, staying updated with the latest research, pedagogical strategies, and technological advancements is not just beneficial—it's essential. Continuous learning allows us to refine our leadership skills, enhance our educational practices, and better support our teachers and students. By committing to lifelong learning, we model the importance of education to our school community, fostering a culture of curiosity and improvement. This commitment helps leaders adapt to changes, address challenges proactively, and make informed decisions that positively impact our school's environment and student outcomes. Let's discuss a plan based on research, connect job-alike leaders, and create an idea exchange that will support the needs of the students in your district.

  • Can You Hear Me Now? Evaluating Communication Goals and Expectations

    Speaker: Kristin Magette – KASB

    Whether it's a goal in your strategic plan, a focus area for your superintendent evaluation or a common complaint from employees, families or others — effective communication matters. And measuring it doesn't have to be a guessing game. We'll explore key components to monitor and evaluate.

    Roll Call, The ABC's of Surviving and Thriving in Today's Schools

    Speaker: Dr. Marcy Cassidy – Burlingame USD 454

    With teachers leaving the profession at record rates, it’s more important than ever for leaders to cultivate a supportive school climate. Equip yourself with the right tools to help your teachers and administrators not just succeed, but truly thrive.Join this session to explore effective approaches to classroom management and discipline that foster a happier, healthier school environment. Get inspired by social-emotional strategies and self-care practices for both adults and students, along with district-wide themes that promote well-being.Walk away with practical techniques and resources you can use right away in your district!

    Tim Clue’s Connected Classroom
    Speaker: Tim Clue

    This laugh-filled master class unveils both the art and science of engagement by merging soft skills with Social-Emotional Character Development best practices.

    The 'Connected Classroom' aims to transform classroom cultures from competitive to collaborative to bolster minds of all kinds. This dynamic and highly interactive experience showcases strategies for better teams and a stronger classroom dynamic. By applying improvisational techniques this session focuses on enhancing Communication, Collaboration, and Confidence. This Unlikely Teacher evolved from a challenged learner and now offers a range of team-building exercises designed for educators striving to foster deeper connections among increasingly disconnected students.

    Upcoming Legislative Issues for 2025

    Speakers: Leah Fliter & Shannon Kimball – KASB

    Join the KASB Advocacy team for an analysis of the 2025 legislative session and its potential impact on education.

    Decoding DEIB

    Speaker: Dr. Ralita Cheeks – Greenbush Learning Center

    This presentation aims to decode the complex concepts of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of each element and their interconnectedness. Through interactive discussions and real-world examples, participants will gain insights into the importance of DEIB in creating equitable and inclusive environments. Practical strategies for integrating DEIB principles into organizational culture and practices will be shared, empowering participants to champion diversity, promote equity, foster inclusion, and cultivate a sense of belonging for all individuals and communities.

    Staff Support: Tools For Supporting Staff Through Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue

    Speakers: Rachel Furlong – Reno County Education Cooperative: Transitional Learning Center

    Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue are impacting many educators. How can you support your staff by utilizing trauma-responsive practices and implementing strategies to build self-efficacy? In this session, you will receive tools to support secondary trauma and compassion fatigue and strategies to address staff's needs that go beyond "self-care". As a veteran K-12 educator of 25 years, with the last 6 as a day school administrator, I have a lot of tools in my toolbox that I have used to support my staff and staff of the various k-12 buildings in McPherson and Reno County.

    Building the Future through the Kansas Future Teacher Academy

    Speaker: Todd Roberts – Kansas Future Teacher Academy

    The Kansas Future Teacher Academy (KFTA) was created in 1989 and has had thousands of students come through to learn about the field of Kansas education.

    In the past three years, the program has grown from 60 students and 40 schools in 2022 to 150 students and 90 high schools in 2024. KFTA is quick paced, highly energetic, and immersive 5-day experience where students learn about Social Emotional Learning, Project Based Learning, Active Engagement, and best practices. Participants learn from state-recognized leaders and teachers. If you have a current 9th-11th grader who would be an amazing educator, consider having them attend the Kansas Future Teacher Academy in Summer 2025. KFTA is one part of solving the teacher shortage impacting our state and working with all stakeholders can impact our future classrooms. Over 75% of KFTA participants are still pursuing a career in education as they start their college journey.

    Chat 453: Integrating AI in School Administration: Enhancing Efficiency and Decision-Making

    Speakers: Dr. Kellen Adams & Dr. Jake Potter

    This session explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize the daily operations of Superintendents and Boards of Education. As educational leaders face increasing demands, AI offers tools to streamline administrative tasks, improve data-driven decision-making, and enhance student outcomes. The session aims to demystify AI, demonstrating practical applications and showcasing successful case studies from the Leavenworth school district.

    Participants will engage with the presenter to learn how AI can optimize stakeholder engagement, support strategic planning, and promote the working culture we all want to see in our districts. By understanding the potential and implementation of AI, educational leaders can better navigate the complexities of modern education administration.  Specific use cases will be presented throughout this session.

    Navigating Unity: The Blueprint of a Strong School Board Culture

    Speaker: Dr. Britton Hart – KASB

    Embark on a journey through the essential elements that forge a resilient school board culture. From building trust among board members to cultivating a shared vision for student success, witness the transformative power of unity in shaping the educational landscape.

    Knowing the Board’s Role in Policy and Ensuring Legal Compliance

    Speaker: Angie Stallbaumer – KASB 

    Board members wear a lot of hats during school district governance. This session will share some best practices regarding their hat juggling routine.  We’ll focus on the board’s role in compliance with the law while serving as a policy-making body.

    Dyslexia Basics

    Speaker: Dr. Jill Hodge

    This session will present basic information about dyslexia including what it is, how to identify it, and classroom accommodations for dyslexic students.  The participants will also experience what it feels like to have dyslexia through a simulation.

  • Protecting Our Schools

    Speakers: Terri Moses & Stephanie Quick – Wichita USD 259

    Ensuring students and staff feel safe at school requires a multifaceted approach.  Since 2018, Wichita Public Schools has included school safety as part of the district’s strategic plan success outcomes.  This presentation will focus on physical security measures adopted to increase physical security as well as initiatives implemented to improve students’ connectedness to school.  Together these initiatives help us enhance safety and belonging and protect our schools.

    Developing Transformational Community Support with a PK-12 Education Foundation

    Speaker: Dane Baxa – Goddard Public Schools/Education Foundation

    We will explore the impactful work of the Goddard Education Foundation and how educational foundations can become catalysts for transformational change within school districts. The Goddard Education Foundation has successfully mobilized community resources, fostered partnerships, and implemented innovative programs that significantly enhance educational opportunities for students. Through detailed case studies and tangible examples, we will illustrate how strategic investments in education can drive academic excellence, support teacher recruitment and retention, and provide students with unique learning experiences. Attendees will gain insights into best practices for establishing and managing an education foundation, understanding its potential to address funding gaps, and creating sustainable programs that align with district goals. Join us to discover how a dedicated education foundation can serve as a powerful engine for growth, innovation, and success in your school district.

    Preparing for Negotiations

    Speakers: David Cunningham & Luke Sobba – KASB

    This session will provide attendees with the basic training necessary to participate in negotiations for the 2025-2026 contract year.

    Education Advocacy 101: Mastering Testimony and Legislative Outreach

    Speakers: Leah Fliter & Shannon Kimball – KASB

    A workshop designed to equip participants with essential skills for effective advocacy in the education sector. This workshop provides practical guidance on two key aspects of advocacy: mastering the art of delivering compelling testimony and engaging in impactful legislative outreach. Participants will learn how to craft and deliver persuasive testimonies that effectively communicate their perspectives and concerns to policymakers. Additionally, they will explore best practices for reaching out to legislators, building relationships, and influencing policy decisions. By mastering these critical advocacy tools, participants will be empowered to make their voices heard and drive positive change in education policy.

    Welcoming All Families into the School Community

    Speaker: Keith Reynolds

    With the growing change in our communities and student demographics in our schools, this presentation will provide information on how to welcome all families and the community into our schools.  Information will be provided on how school leaders can create and improve a welcoming school environment for all as well as build trust, respect, relationships, inclusion, and communication.  Tips will be provided on how to encourage parental and community partnerships to increase participation in school improvement efforts.

    Managing the Unknown: A School Boards Role in Preparing the District for New Leadership

    Speaker: Dr. Daniel Farley

    With the growing change in our communities and student demographics in our schools, this presentation will provide information on how to welcome all families and the community into our schools.  Information will be provided on how school leaders can create and improve a welcoming school environment for all as well as build trust, respect, relationships, inclusion, and communication.  Tips will be provided on how to encourage parental and community partnerships to increase participation in school improvement efforts.

    Blueprint on Literacy

    Speaker: Dr. Cynthia Lane

    This session is designed for school board members wanting to understand the purpose of the Kansas Blueprint for Literacy and the statewide approach to improve reading outcomes across the state. Members of the Blueprint for Literacy Implementation Executive Committee will provide an update of work to date as well as the work ahead. Participants will be provided with an overview of the legislative initiative, goals for students, goals for practitioners, challenges, and stakeholder involvement. Through this session, participants will also explore the four pillars of Blueprint strategies in design to provide the foundation to improve reading outcomes.  

    Connecting Classrooms to Careers: Empowering Rural Communities with CAPS

    Speaker: Allison Koelzer Nelson

    In this engaging session from CAPS Network, attendees will learn about the power of connecting students with authentic, real-world experiences directly connected to

    professionals in various fields. Through client projects, job shadowing, internships, entrepreneurial ventures and more, the CAPS model is adaptable to a district's existing CTE goals. Attendees will hear impactful student stories, testimony from business partners, and gain practical tools for building partnerships that engage industry with students. Through CAPS Network's Rural Initiative, communities in Kansas are eligible to apply for resources to help them scale profession-based learning to meet the demand for local workforce development priorities.

    Leadership Through a Legal Lens

    Speakers: Dr. Russell Miller & Lori Kopp – KASB

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should!  Difficult decisions are often a major consideration of effective boardsmanship, and if not handled carefully can result in significant unintended consequences. Participants in this session will work through a variety of scenarios and consider how policy and statutory requirements impact decision-making at the board table.

    Cultivating Student Success: Insights from Board Leaders Statewide

    Speakers: Dr. Steve Karlin & Lori Blake – KASB

    Join us for a dynamic session featuring 3 or 4 pairs of successful Board presidents and superintendents from diverse districts across the state. Gain firsthand insights into leadership strategies and fostering a student-centered culture. Our panelists will share experiences and challenges, offering invaluable perspectives on effective governance and educational leadership. The session begins with pre-written questions, followed by interactive discussions in table groups. Together, we'll explore key themes and distill insights into thought-provoking questions for the panel. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, this presentation will equip you with actionable strategies to drive student success in your district. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and chart a course for excellence in education statewide.

    Student Voice: Best Practices for Building a Team of Social Media Content Creators

    Speakers: Dr. Jake Potter & Dr. Jill Johnson – Leavenworth USD 453

    Would you like help in telling your school’s story? Do you sometimes wish you could clone yourself and be in two places at once? This session will empower you to do this by creating and sustaining a social media team. From recruitment to retainment, learn how to select, train, and inspire the students and adults in your district to take ownership of telling their school’s story. Walk away with some great tips for motivating others to create content for someone other than themselves!​​​​​​

  • Flooding the Positive

    Speaker: Don Epps

    What is the first thing people think of when your school district is mentioned? Ideally, it's something positive, but what are you doing to ensure that? Every day, countless stories unfold in your district that highlight the amazing work of your staff and students, yet many go untold. Sharing these stories can not only showcase your district's achievements but also inspire and uplift the community. This session explores strategies for effectively telling these important stories and reshaping your district's narrative to positively influence its perception. Don’t miss out on the chance to Chase Greatness, where you’ll be enlightened, inspired, and perhaps moved to tears of laughter (hopefully not from a wardrobe malfunction, a real possibility at a Don Epps presentation).

    Energy Solutions

    Speakers: Jeff Hohnbaum–Hutton & Karl DeArmond – Geary County USD 475

    The need for new energy solutions is top-of-mind for our commercial and industrial clients and it’s easy to see why.  According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour in the United States has risen 22% since 2020.

    Meanwhile, recent legislation has created long-term tax credits and incentives for renewable energy (including solar), all while the cost to manufacture and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems continues to decline. 

    Hutton offers full-service turnkey PV solar installation, including systems design, equipment procurement, installation, and operations/maintenance. 

    Connecting the Dots: Bridging Needs, Strategy, Budget, and KESA 2.0

    Speakers: Alma Henry, Dr. Doug Moeckel – KASB & Dr. Jay Scott – KSDE

    This session is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide for local board members and administrators, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between needs assessments, strategic planning, budgeting, and the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) 2.0 framework. Participants will leave with practical insights and actionable strategies to ensure decisions align with the district’s goals to drive student success.

    Using HirePaths to Encourage Kansas Career Exploration

    Speaker: Kristin Brighton – Hire Paths

    HirePaths is a Kansas-specific campaign to encourage kids and their families to explore high-demand careers. HirePaths produces Cool Careers, a video series that introduces kids to high-demand jobs, as well as provides lesson plans, success stories, and other materials that help educators and parents explore careers with their kids. The best part of HirePaths is its content is FREE, as it's been produced through grants from KSDE and the Kansas Department of Commerce. Our session will give educators and administrators concrete ways to put HirePaths to work in your district.

    Unlocking leadership Potential: Self-Awareness as a Pathway to Effective School Governance

    Speakers: Dr. Rebecca Kramer & Jason Selland – South Brown County USD 430

    In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, effective school governance requires leaders who are not only skilled in policy and operations oversight but also profoundly self-aware. This presentation delves into the transformative power of self-awareness as a cornerstone of effective leadership. Attendees will explore various self-discovery strategies that can enhance their leadership capabilities, foster better team dynamics, and improve decision-making. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical exercises, participants will learn how to harness self-awareness to unlock their leadership potential, align their values, and drive their school boards toward success.

    KELI: A Shining Star for Mentoring Excellence

    Speakers: Dr. Mischel Miller & Dr. Donna Augustine-Shaw – KELI/KState

    Supporting your new superintendent is our main goal.  Our session will show board members how we mentor for leadership success that impacts student learning, influences district/school culture, focuses on continuous improvement, and builds a new leader's skills for longevity. This session will involve opportunities for active involvement and participant discussion.

    Phoenix Rising: Reenvisioning an ELA Department, Fostering School-Wide Exploration, and Ingniting District-Wide Innovation

    Speakers: Dr. Renee Nugent, Dr. Dawn Smith & Jaque Coleman – Atchison USD 409

    In this session, we will explore a transformative approach to revising the high school English Language Arts (ELA) department, with a vision for broader building and district-wide impact. Led by district administration, teachers, and a student, this session delves into a three-phase initiative: implementing a collaborative, choice-based semester system for all 11th and 12th-grade students; transitioning to semester-based courses for 9th and 10th grades, and supporting other departments in their revisioning journey.  Emphasizing leadership development, strategic planning, and community involvement, we will discuss the roles of all stakeholders, address challenges, and share data-driven measures of success. Attendees will gain practical insights into fostering student voice and choice, overcoming obstacles, and applying actionable steps for similar reforms in their districts. Join us to learn how to ignite innovation and elevate educational standards through collaborative efforts.

    Superintendent Evaluation

    Speaker: Dr. Britton Hart – KASB

    There is a critical need to align district goals with the superintendent’s performance.  This session will review best practices and help develop a consistent process for evaluation. With collaboration from board members and superintendents, KASB, KELI, and USA are eager to provide all participants with this new tool.

    Stay Safe Out There! Social Media Best Practices for School Board Members

    Speakers: Shannon Kimball, Kristin Magette & Lori Kopp – KASB

    Social media can be a great tool to use as a school board member to inform and inspire your community about your school district’s successes.  But in today’s environment, it can also generate negativity, controversy, and, in extreme circumstances, safety threats for elected officials.  Hear from KASB communications, legal, and advocacy staff about best practices and tips that school board members can use to support and enhance their social media communications.

    Navigating School Budgets in Kansas: Strategies for Financial Success

    Speaker: Dr. Kellen Adams – Leavenworth USD 453

    In the realm of education, understanding school budgeting is paramount, especially in a dynamic landscape like Kansas. This breakout session delves into the intricacies of school finance, providing school board members with indispensable insights and strategies to navigate the fiscal challenges effectively.

    School budgets are the backbone of educational operations, directly impacting student outcomes, staff morale, and community engagement. With the ever-evolving economic landscape and legislative changes, staying abreast of best practices and innovative approaches is essential.

    The purpose of this session is to empower school board members with practical tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions that optimize resources while prioritizing student success. From deciphering state funding formulas to implementing cost-saving measures and fostering transparent budget communication, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of key financial principles tailored to the Kansas context.

    Navigating Change in New Innovative Learning Environments: Shawnee Mission School District's Project Building Manual

    Speakers: Justin Durham & Jennifer Lake – Hollis + Miller

    As the Shawnee Mission School District prepared to unveil two innovative elementary schools, staff found themselves navigating not only the evolving educational culture but also the challenges of teaching in a state-of-the-art facility.

    Beyond the usual adjustments, such as locating the nurse's office or estimating the time it takes for third graders to journey to the Media Center,  staff had the additional task of understanding and leveraging the new learning spaces, amenities, and tools integrated into the environment. Recognizing the importance of communicating the rationale behind these innovations, Shawnee Mission partnered with Hollis + Miller Architects to create an interactive Building Manual.

    This new tool helps staff discover the 'why' behind key design decisions and embark on a self-guided tour exploring the LEED features integrated into each building. Join us to discuss the creation and impact of this interactive tool, and its influence on the educational team and the learning environment.

Schedule at a Glance


Friday, Nov. 15

7:30 am | Registration

                KSSA Day


8:00 a.m | Pre-Convention Sessions

Register for any Pre-Convention Sessions on the Member Portal.

  • Winter School Law

Join the KASB attorneys and special guests for our Annual Winter School Law. Content includes many timely legal topics school attorneys are currently encountering.

A special luncheon is scheduled to allow Kansas school attorneys to network and visit with other school attorneys across the state on issues affecting school districts. Attorneys will be eligible for CLE credits pending approval.

  • NEW FOR 2024 -9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  Kansas Blueprint For Literacy

A comprehensive initiative, designed to equip, elevate, and empower educators with the science of reading so all children learn to read well.  The Blueprint is not a new government program. It is a clearly marked path, with practical steps to unite educators, policy makers, business leaders, foundations, and families around the goal that 90% of Kansas’ students read at or above grade level.  Our students’ ability to read is fundamental to their life’s success – in their academic career, and in their life beyond school. The Kansas Board of Regents believe that literacy is the number one workforce, economic, and social imperative. Kansas higher education system is committed to ensuring our future and current educators are highly skilled in the science of reading, particularly “structured literacy.”  The Blueprint is our path to deliver on this promise.

This session is designed for school board members wanting to understand the purpose of the Kansas Blueprint for Literacy and the statewide approach to improve reading outcomes across the state.

Members of the Blueprint for Literacy Implementation Executive Committee will provide an update of work to date as well as the work ahead. Participants will be provided with an overview of the legislative initiative, goals for students, goals for practitioners, challenges, and stakeholder involvement. Through this session, participants will also explore the four pillars of Blueprint strategies in design to provide the foundation to improve reading outcomes.  

  • NEW FOR 2024 - Wanted: Public Education Advocates; No Experience Required: 

KASB’s Leah Fliter, Shannon Kimball and Steve Karlin are joining forces with Game On for Kansas Schools’ Judith Deedy and national best-selling author and podcast host Jennifer Berkshire (“A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door”, “The Education Wars” and Have you Heard? podcast) to present a timely and information-packed pre-conference session that will equip you with tools to defend our public schools against multi-faceted attacks.

This session will pull back the curtain on the groups leading disinformation campaigns against public education and give you free resources to counter false narratives. Participants will work with our seasoned advocates and fellow public-school supporters to develop advocacy strategies and take home a plan to develop your local advocacy network. The session will conclude with a book signing by Berkshire. Seating is limited, so register today for this exclusive opportunity. 

  • Board Leadership (Morning Only)

Learn how to identify the role of a board leadership team. Gain skills on how to build a working relationship between the superintendent and board leaders. Take your board to the next level by identifying foundational components to running an effective board meeting and working through strategies for working with communication and your community.

  • Boardsmanship (Afternoon Only)

Boardsmanship and New Board Member Training provides dynamic, interactive presentations and time for collaboration and discussion focused on the skills and knowledge you need to be an exceptional board member. Foundations of Boardsmanship training is useful for any board of education member - newly elected, just appointed or veteran. 

10:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m. | District Showcase

4:00 p.m. | Happy Hour

5:00 p.m. | Opening Keynote: Matt Lehrman & Dinner


Saturday, Nov. 16

7:30 am | Registration


8:00 a.m. | Keynote – Dr. Watson

9:15 a.m. | Breakout Round 1

10:15 a.m. | Breakout Round 2

11:00 a.m | Delegate Assembly & Regional Elections

11:30 a.m | Lunch

                   State Board of Education Panel

                   LFT Lunch

                   Past Presidents Lunch

12:00 p.m | Trade Show

1:15 p.m. | Breakout Round 3

2:15 p.m. | Breakout Round 4

3:00 p.m. | Tradeshow Happy Hour

Scroll down for detailed information about each breakout round.


Sunday, Nov. 17

7:30 a.m | Breakfast

8:00 a.m. | Closing Keynote: Tim Clue

9:00 a.m. | Closing Ceremony

Sunday, Nov. 17

7:30 a.m | Breakfast

8:00 a.m. | Closing Keynote: Tim Clue

9:00 a.m. | Closing Ceremony

Meet our Keynote Speakers

Matt Lehrman

Matt Lehrman

Co-founder and Managing Director of Social Prosperity Partners


As a national speaker, Matt inspires and instructs audiences of civic and nonprofit leaders on topics of civility and community engagement.

In his role as a strategic planner, mediator and public engagement facilitator, Matt has guided deliberations for all sorts of governing councils, boards and management teams.  

His passion and expertise is in facilitating the strategic deliberations of governance councils, boards of directors and management teams while meaningfully involving and gathering consensus from their various constituencies.

He also produces and hosts the Community Catalysts podcast where civic officials candidly share and reflect upon the lessons of their leadership experiences. 

Tim Clue

Educator, Comic, Playwright and Professional Speaker


Long before he was an educator, professional speaker, comic, published playwright and father, Tim was an undiagnosed hyper-active dyslexic rug rat raised in a small rural town outside of Chicago.

By 24, Tim was an award-winning college professor and coach of a nationally-recognized speech team. By 30 he established himself as a nationally recognized comic opening for Jerry Seinfeld and performing for a former President George Bush Sr. By 40 Tim was a published playwright.

Now he helps reshape the way educators build culture and connection for minds in the making. Tim transformed his struggles in the classroom to become the teacher he never had and now mentors a nation into rethinking our 21st century education.

“We must create lifelong curious learners more capable to light the path to their own journey."

Tim Clue

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